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Window stickers/build sheets/misc:

Thanks to Tom Tate, Tony Scharp for their help with this information.


Build sheets:

     Build sheets were the 'blueprint' for how a particular Mustang was built. All Mustangs had them, although they are often missing from the vehicle, but if you're lucky enough to find one for your car, you'll have a valuable piece of information on how the car was built and what options it came with. Sometimes when vehicles change hands many times, are wrecked, or just mistreated, it can be difficult to determine what the original options were. Using the buildsheet in conjunction with all VIN info, VC label, etc will help you construct an exact picture of your car from new.

     These sheets can exist in a variety of places in a Mustang. Underneath carpeting is a common one, under the dash, the rear seat, or even behind a door panel can also be a hiding spot for this item. There's no guarantee your vehicle will have one, but it's worth looking!

     Image below shows build sheet location for a 1986 SSP, behind drivers seat on floor:

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     The images below are for a 1986 FHP Mustang. The top half details all part #'s used in the building of the vehicle.

86_fhp_build_sheet_top.jpg (154099 bytes)


     The bottom half details all specific DSO options for this vehicle. It gives a very clear directive on which Police options are installed and special part #'s like the fan clutch and VASCAR 2-pc speedo cables.

86_fhp_build_sheet_bottom.jpg (103048 bytes)


Window Stickers:

    Window stickers also provide a wealth of information but unfortunately these rarely accompany ex-Police vehicles. A sample of an SSP Window Sticker indicating DSO location:

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     This Window sticker is for the 1986 FHP car outlined in the buildsheet above. Note Florida Highway Patrol listed options and price of 225/60VR15 Gatorback tires..fairly steep in 1986 dollars!

86_fhp_window_sticker.jpg (100653 bytes)


     Here's another FHP vehicle, this one an '87. Note description of "4 passenger specialty", "special paint" under vehicle description. Options under equipment tells us this was a marked unit with the special paint and paint stripe delete. Note, Cream color paint W1677 is a patented FHP color.

87_fhp_window_sticker.jpg (110145 bytes)


     Here's one more window sticker for an '88 FHP vehicle. Notice interior in these cars was still sand beige(tan) before FHP changed to gray. Prices a bit higher than the '86 model, with similar list of options.

88 FHP Window Sticker-2.jpg (56522 bytes)


     Here's a couple of interesting 1993 SSP cars. The one on the left is 5 speed 1993, the one on the right was used by the US Fish Wildlife service. Both cars share some similar options but priced differently, depending on DSO. There's also a $1,000 in the bottom line pricing, although the US FWS car has an AOD instead of a 5 speed, and few more options. Curiously, mileage is rated the same for both.

    The sticker for the US FWS car was discovered in the owner's manual, when the vehicle was bought in July 2003. Vehicle was purchased with only 48K miles and put back into service August 2003.(click for larger images).

93_DC_White_SSP_window_sticker2_th.jpg (10720 bytes)

1993_window_sticker_th.jpg (14430 bytes)


Other Police Package Vehicles:

     Here's a listing of other window stickers for non-Mustangs; a 1994 Hillsborough County FL Sheriff Crown Vic, a 2000 Florida Highway Patrol Police Interceptor, a 2002 FHP B4C Camaro, a 2002 Sarasota County, FL Sheriff Impala, a 2003 Texas DPS PI, and a 2002 Texas DPS F150. It's interesting to see that some of SSP options such as Silicone hoses with aircraft clamps, inoperative courtesy door switches, and relocated trunk release are still included on the Crown Vics. The 6 digit DSO ordering system is still in use for Ford vehicles. Notice on the 2000 car FHP switched to a single vehicle color and painted over the black with the second color(cream). Also interesting to note FHP went with a 3.55 rear in the 2000 PI over Texas' 3.27!

Click on the thumbnail for a full screen image:

Hillsborough County, FL 1994 Cr Vic

FHP 2002 P71 Crown Vic

Texas DPS 2003 P71 Crown Vic

FHP_1994_crown_vic_window_sticker1_th.jpg (4843 bytes)

FHP_2000_crown_vic_window_sticker1_th.jpg (5142 bytes)

TX_DPS_2003_Vic_Sticker_th.jpg (4666 bytes)

Texas DPS 2002 F-150

FHP 2002 B4C Camaro

Sarasota County, FL 2002 Impala

TX_DPS_2002_F150_Sticker_th.jpg (4297 bytes)

FHP_2002_B4C_Window_sticker_th.jpg (4700 bytes)

2002_Sarasota_County_FL_Impala_window_sticker_th.jpg (4751 bytes)


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