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     For all years of the SSP Mustang run, special 'Certified Calibration' speedometers were used. Unlike other options which could be specified, these were included as standard and replaced the 85 MPH units on early 80's and up 5.0 Mustangs. There are several varieties of speedometers used, but each shares the same characteristic of specially incremented 2 MPH dials and the words 'Certified Calibration' on the face. To date, Ford Motorsport has one that looks similar but is not an actual SSP unit, so be aware if you are looking for a real SSP unit. Some highlights are listed below:


    For 1982 only, a green lettered 140 MPH speedometer cluster was used. This is an extremely rare unit to find today. Tachometer has no redline.


    For 1983-1986, the same cluster design with red illumination was used. 140 MPH speedometer with orange lettering and simple gauge metrics.


    For 1987-1989 an 140 MPH unit was standard with a 5 digit odometer. This also had an 0-100 lb oil pressure gauge.


    For 1990,  a 160 MPH speedometer standard, along with either 5 or 6 digit odometer, depending on year. Additionally, the 0-100 lb oil pressure gauge was replaced with a simple L-H metric for later clusters through 1993.


Figure A: SSP speedometers and clusters-Clockwise, from upper left: 1982 CHP instrument cluster, green lighting; 1982 CHP speedometer only, closeup. 1983-1986 SSP instrument cluster with 'Certified Calibration' wording, 1987-89 140 MPH speedometer, 5 digit odometer. 1990 up 160 MPH speedometer with 5 digit odometer and 100 lb. oil pressure; 1993 160 MPH cluster with L-H oil pressure and 6 digit odometer.


Figure B: Ford Motorcraft speedometer with tick marks, 160 MPH, 5 digit odometer. Not a correct SSP piece, be careful when trying if you are restoring SSP.



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