SSP Mustangs used 3 distinct types of wheels, with one minor variation on the last generation. 


     Early SSP vehicles used simple steel wheels, shared with passenger cars. These were 14 inch wheels, 4 lug, with 4 slot designs. A small 'dog dish' hubcap was used. This cap was used on other models as well, including the 'baby' LTD II.



    In 1985, a neat addition was made keeping more in character with typical police wheels. A special steel wheel was used, with a plastic cap, held on with 3 screws. Again a 4 lug variety, this wheel diameter was increased to 15" and is seen with part number E6ZZ-1007-A. Please note a very similar wheel/cap is also used on Escorts but is a 14" wheel with a flat tower on the cap center. These are not the original lug nuts shown.



    1987 saw the start of the 'phone dial' or 10 hole style 15" alloy wheel being used. Although these wheels were not unique to SSPs, the SSP versions were painted black on the outside, with the small scripted Ford center cap. Many aficionados like these wheels quite a bit and will often put them on later model SSP's, even though technically 'incorrect'.


    Sometime in the 1990 run, the practice of painting the wheels black was dropped, but the alloy wheel was retained with the small cap.

     This unused Eagle GT4 came from a 1993 FHP car and was typical of SSP usage. Size is rather tall, 215/65/15, reflecting the stock size. Most agencies chose to go with a different size.

     Of interest are a couple of other SSP specific items-the special warning label found on this SSP spare, along with the SSP-only spare tire cover with label. These carry Ford part #'s E6ZV-1A479-AA and E2EB-17093-AB, respectively.

     Rather rare item, an original label for tires used on 1993 CHP EVOC Mustang. Note the lower profile characteristics. Florida Highway Patrol used Goodyear VR60's in the same size extensively for replacement work.


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