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1990 Florida Highway Patrol Mustang



Joe says:

    Here's a good one for you!!  I recently told you I was looking for a New York State Police Mustang to restore, well I just bought my best FHP Mustang back from the guy I sold it to in 1997.  It is a 1990.  I bought it from the auction in Deland back in 1993.  It was the nicest one I have ever seen period.  I bought it with 68,000 miles it now has 72,000.  I sold it to a guy from NJ in 1997.  Just so happens he is looking for a NYSP Camaro and found one.  Called me up and I bought it back.  I regreted selling the car from day one, but I was building a house and needed money badly at the time.  The car is all original and I even have the window sticker(laminated), service records, the exterior and interior are factory fresh.  The car was actually pictured in Muscle Mustang, back in 1996 or thereabouts, I need to dig it up.
    P.S. I don't know if you know this fact in 1993  when I purchased 6 1990 FHP Mustangs.  The FHP had warranty cards in the car for coverage up to 100,000 miles or seven years.  They actually sold the cars prematurely, I found this out from the man who was in charge of surplus.  They were suppose to keep the cars to 100,000 miles, but forgot about the extended warranty.  So the end result I got an awesome 68K mile car.  I transferred the warranty into my name for $ 50.00 and my Ford dealer hooked me up with many free service items including rear main seal leak, new clutch and throw out bearing, and the list goes on.  It most surely worked out well for me on this purchase. 

 Mike adds:

    Nice FHP car, gotta love the black wheels....and I guess Joe has some 'connections' for that photo too! Great info too, thanks!





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