Founding Member Chris Miller

1991 City of Chico, CA SSP Mustang


Chris says:

     I have recently picked up an SSP Mustang off ebay and would like to send some pics as well as some history of the car for your website. This being my second one, last one I owned a while back when there was no interest but still like them cause they are so rare. I was only able to find a few clean ones off ebay and bid on the lowest mileage one I could find. Anyway to the details on the car.
     It's a 1992 SSP Mustang with an AOD and 2:73 gears, Dual spotlights, no options except pwr mirrors, and a am/fm radio.
It was retired in early 2003 but did not go to auction until Feburary 2004. It served for a little over 10 years for The City of Chico, California police deptartment. It was used as a traffic/radar enforcement car for the department. It was the last of 3 that they purchased. They had 2 '88's before. It was retired with only 78k miles on it. It did not have rooflights on it, just decals on doors and inside lights. I was able to get the work orders on the car for the last 5 years. I couldn't believe it but one of the orders was to get the car detailed. No major problems except for a bunch of dead batteries because of the lack of anyone using it. This car is probably one of the cleanest coupes here on the east coast, especially being that it was used as a police car.
     It looks like it was ordered just like a CHP mustang, with dual spotlights and single antenna on the roof. Right now the car remains stock, but will be adding a few small mods(gears,exhaust) while leaving it stock looking. I usually attend shows with the car and it gets alot of attention but will be adding door decals from the department.


Mike adds:

    Nice job Chris..clean and straight!




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