Founding Member Marcos Ruiz-Toledo

1993 Calypso Green SSP Mustang

Floyd County, GA/Rome, GA PD undercover vehicle



A look at vehicle in service, Rome GA PD. Small rubber plug for 800 MHz antenna on right qtr is only giveaway. Original dealer sticker still on decklid!

Another view in the parking lot just before it's taken out. Headlights a bit faded but they'll be replaced.

This car is unrestored, except for some minor ding fixes, headlights, and new carpet.

Front view...looks a little better with new lights!


Original interior, front..

and rear. You can't beat it for a 12 year old car!

Check out the rust free floor. I was fortunate to find such a nice clean example. Nice shot of floor reinforcement as well.

The finishing touch..a 'new' set of 10 hole rims.

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