Founding Member Eric Prince

1989 Missouri Highway Patrol SSP Mustang


SSP Vehicle Info:

Year: Exterior Color: Interior Color: Engine: Transmission: Rear Axle: Agency/Unit #: DSO: Owned Since:
1989 White Red 5.0 T5 3.08 MOHP/P-294 2004


Eric says:

     This Mustang was one of 13 used by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in 1989. This car was purchased at Metro Ford in Kansas City for $11,493 on 01-14-89. It entered service with the Patrol on 04-10-89 and was assigned to a Trooper out of Troop I (Rolla, Mo). The Patrol owned the car until 01-06-92 and sold it with 57,319 miles to the City of Eldon, Mo. (Eldon is a small town near the Lake of the Ozarks). The Eldon Police Chief drove the car until it was sold on 02-15-95 with 82,000 miles to a Missouri State Trooper for $3,800.

     The Trooper drove the car for personal use on an occasional basis until he sold the car with 95,000 miles to an SSP collector from St. Louis, Mo in March 2004. The collector parked the car in his garage until I bought it in February 2005 for $6,000. The car was in very good original condition and only had 95,000 miles upon my purchase. The Mustang underwent an immediate "refurbishment". It had been crashed in-service by the MSHP and never properly fixed. The passenger door and fender were realigned, painted and properly pinstriped. The car was partially disassembled, the interior and exterior were completely detailed and most exterior trim, weather strip and lights were replaced using only Ford NOS parts. The interior retains original carpet and seats which were re-dyed.

     I have copies of MSHP documentation for the car including dealer invoice, equipment sheets, Trooper assignment sheets and a bill of sale. The car will be displayed at shows with a removable lightbar, siren box, radio and magnetic MSHP decals..


Mike adds:

     Thanks for the photos Eric..Nice car and gotta love that red/white combo! The documentation is worth it's weight in gold too. Check out the invoice in image 6.






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