Founding Member Ron Mahoy

1989 Indiana State Police SSP Mustang



Ron says:

     Here's my 89 Indiana State Police SSP that I bought over the weekend.  It has all the correct SSP parts and some documents to go with it.   The previous owner installed the ground effects, spoiler and hood scoop for his teenage daughter while she drove it to school because she didn't think it looked "sporty enough".  I am also in the works in getting a parts car from the ISP.  I has taken me 10 months to get the car but was well worth it.  I do have the original bumper covers, taillights and other items to go back onto the car.   I also have a siren unit and various strobe lights to install.  I am a Sheriff's Deputy in Indiana and am hoping to put this back into service for my narcotics interdiction work.  Its going to get the bumpers back on next week, painted shortly afterwards.  I'll have more pics as I go along. 

     10.08.03: Here's a new group of photos of Ron's ride!

Mike adds:

     It's a neat car, and rare as well..not many Northern states ran SSP's so they are truly collectible.

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