Founding Member Louis Deutsch

1990 CHP Mustang



Louis says:

I am the proud owner of this 1990 CHP Mustang. This vehicle is completely stock and is almost at 200,000 miles and still running strong. This unit was released by the CHP to the Pyramid Lake Police Dept which is an Indian Reservation Police Dept in Nevada. The unit was then sold to a county Sheriff Officer who began the restoration back to the CHP look. This unit has all the documentation of transfers including both department's titles, bill of sales, and registrations. I am also in possession of articles and pictures of the unit while in active service in the Pyramid Lakes Police Department in Nevada. Living on the East Coast you are hard pressed to find any vehicles west of the Mississippi and a CHP vehicle always draws a crowd.  There are small deviations from the CHP but for the most part it is true to the CHP's requirements.

Mike adds:

    Nice car Louis, and unique too! I guess having some 'connections' helps for the above photo!



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