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Tony says:

Here's a few photos of my 1988 Texas DPS Mustang. The unit has been fully restored and was used as the prototype for the GMP model issued in 2002. Tony is on the left in the middle(top row) photo, and the last photo on the right(row 2) was used for the latest GMP model box cover! Tony took the shot himself for it.


tscharp_88_tx_dps_int_th.jpg (4206 bytes) John_and_Tony_w_SSP_th.jpg (3351 bytes) TSCHARP_88_DPS_next_to_USS_Lexington_th.jpg (2897 bytes)
Nice interior shot Tony and DPS Trooper With USS Lexington
tscharp_88_tx_dps_w_Helicopter_th.jpg (3785 bytes) tscharp_88_tx_dps_at_capital_th.jpg (3385 bytes) tscharp_88_tx_dps_bowie_texas_th.jpg (3349 bytes)
With DPS Chopper At state Capitol Image used for GMP models
tscharp_88_dps_at_ranger_museum_th.jpg (3906 bytes) TX_DPS_88_with_F-16_th.jpg (2469 bytes) tscharp_88_dps_w_apache_th.jpg (3414 bytes)
At the Ranger Museum Nice shot with F-16 With Apache attack copter

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