Founding Members Mike Jakubec

1989 Washington State Patrol

Mike Says:

My white 1990 was in service as a truck enforcement vehicle, totally unmarked and painted blue by WSP. Title says 
blue (car is all white from factory). WSP removed all markings, no spots etc, had a single take down light and a flip down wig wag
of some sort mounted near the visors. Hope to find them. I'm going for a what-if version of my car. My car is one of 12 90s, only 11
survive today.


Mike's 1989 Car:





Jakubec_89_WSP_LX2_th.jpg (4128 bytes) Jakubec_89_WSP_LX3_th.jpg (3538 bytes) Jakubec_89_WSP_LX5_th.jpg (3814 bytes)

m_jakubec1_lx_90_TH.jpg (4001 bytes)

m_jakubec1_lx_90_3_th.jpg (3848 bytes)

Jakubec_89_SSP_4_th.jpg (4618 bytes)

Jakubec_89_SSP_5_th.jpg (3692 bytes)

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