James says:

    This car is one of 3 FHP cars in Red. The car was purchased in it's present condition and will be restored.

Mike adds:

    I remember seeing this car at the Orlando auction when it was sold by the state. It has some excellent documentation points, such as the original toggles still on the console, the mounting location for the 2 head power supply in the rear trunk crossmember, and the impressions for the Whelen rear deck strobes. This car had a roof mounted antenna and a decklid mounted antenna also; it also had a spotlight! Quite unusual for an FHP unmarked unit. Please check out the Bucktags that state DSO POLICE and the FHP DSO of 24 0254 typical for 1993 unmarked cars, including two piece VASCAR cable and silicone hoses. Thanks to James and his son Cory for the great photos!


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