Terry says:

     This is a 1992 SSP Mustang that I recently purchased.  The previous owner had bought it at auction, State of Michigan, in 1995.  The car had 44,500 at auction and currently has 50,275.  He had stored the vehicle for approximately 10 years, stating he only brought it out on sunny days.  It is in remarkable shape.  Upon purchase he had the underneath steam cleaned and the complete car undercoated which, today, accounts for a beautiful rust free vehicle.  The interior is black and free from any wear marks.  The only evidence of the previous police equipment is the radio delete space with the exposed wire harness (MSP cars had the AM/FM radios removed for police service).  In the trunk is the original (new) Goodyear Eagle GT+4 mounted on the 10 hole wheel.  All the buck tags, etc. are in place.  The only changes to the car to date are the set of tires (previous owner) and a new 2 1/2 inch stainless steel Ford Motorsport exhaust system.  The car runs like the day it rolled off the assembly line with a nice tight feel.
     I'm currently in contact with the Dept. of Michigan State Police in an attempt to get the service records and any other information I can on this vehicle.  The previous owner stated he had written down the VIN while the car was parked at the Grand Haven Post and told them to contact him when the car was scheduled for auction.  If that's the case, there's a unique twist to this story.  I'm a retired MSP Trooper that had been stationed at a rural Post.  We of course did not have the pleasure of driving a Mustang as they were slated for the "freeway posts" downstate.  A recruiter, back around 1994, driving one of our Mustangs was on his way to a northern college.  He had stopped by our Post to gas up.  I of course, took the opportunity to jump in the car and take it for a drive, had to see what top end was!!  The recruiter was from the Grand Haven Post (they only had one Mustang) which means I now own the only MSP Mustang car I ever drove.

Mike adds:

    Nice SSP Terry, and thanks for the pics. It's amazing you came to own this car after it came out of service!!


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