Troy says:

Manufactured and delivered to original dealer 6-14-1985.

Retired by the Texas Department of Public Safety and sold at auction on or about 12-30-1988 with 92,242 miles

Purchased by next owner and title transferred on 12-30-1991 with 149,632 miles

I purchased the car in November of 2003 with 174k miles.

Originally a 5.0 HO Carb. 5 spd, only options not standard in the 85 SSP were a/c and cruise control.

TX DPS additions: trunk mounted radio, dash mount radar, dual Unity spot lamps, siren, halogen red and blue lights in rear package tray and mounted to front bumper cover (between hood and bumper cover), car was a slick top so it had no light bar on the roof.

Trooper addition: an extra flexible map light mounted above the a/c controls, it appears that this was done because the factory map light broke and was non-functional.

Mike adds:

     Nice looking '4 eyed' ride with some modern touches that make it stand out!






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