Paul says:

    This car is one of 4 used by the RCMP for 1993. It is being restored from the ground up. I was lucky enough to find a photo of in service here.  It was retired on July 21st, 2003. I bought the car in early September (8th I think) from someone who bought the car from the RCMP auction. The plate number was BCJ 756 I believe my car number was DHHF3157  Below you mentioned that the car number was 3B2, 3B2 was stationed at Morris Highway Patrol and last used mainly by Sgt. J.D. Martin(retired now). It then went to the advanced driver training course at Gimli.

Mike adds:

     These cars are neat, with the graphics and lightbar that were used. A rare find indeed! Looks like a great resto!








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