Eric says:

     I purchased my SSP back in March of 2003. The man I purchased it from has a wife that used to be employed by the Georgia State Patrol. When they began to decommission the SSP's they quickly snatched one up. He had the car for about three years and decided to sell it before he was going to be shipped off to Iraq. Lucky me! The car has original 2.73 gears, 160 mph speedo, standard 10 hole rims and a verified DSO number on the door jam and on the buck tags, courtesy of your website. It is an automatic and runs superb. Although the smog pump is a nuisance. I plan on installing an eliminator soon. I just recently installed new series 40 Flowmasters, new struts and shocks, tires. My future plans are to have the valve covers polished, upper and lower intake polished and install new gears.

Mike adds:

     Thanks for the photos Phil! Gotta love the GSP rollbar equipped cars.







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