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Owner: Daniel Carpenter, Carpenter Reproductions.

Daniel says:

1993 SSP Mustang. A little over 7,200 original miles on it as of April, 2003, I drive this car daily. Purchased in Feb 2002, it came from Vic Bailey Ford in Spartanburg, SC, where there was also a white one available, which I also purchased in Feb 2002, from a separate source. This vehicle was never used for Police work, and I bought it from a collector. I took off the original rims and tires to keep them intact, and added some 10 holes painted black for that true SSP-Mustang touch.

Mike adds:

This car is an awesome example of an SSP, and it's nice to see it get driven. I hope he doesn't bring it to the same car shows as my '93..I wouldn't stand a chance! To see Daniel's white '93 SSP with 347 miles, click here:


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Pristine interior.

Odometer reads 7278..Less than a 1000 miles a year!

Original window sticker showing all SSP options for this vehicle.

5.0 motor..except for some light surface rust on a few bolts and brackets it looks brand new!

Nice rear view.

Original Eagle GT + 4 tires and 10 holes.

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