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Kelly says:

     It is my understanding that KSP purchased 5 of these Mustangs with money from seized drug cases.  This car was in service from sometime in 1990 until spring of 1998. My car was assigned to the Dry Ridge Post # 6. Post 6 is located on Interstate 75 between Lexington, KY. and Cincinnati.  The blue marker lights in front are a blue insert that was placed inside the original light housing by cutting an opening and inserting the blue marker inside then sealing the housing.

     Kelly also adds "There is still one Mustang in service with the KSP. The 90 Mustang at Harlan, was orginally assigned to Richmond Post. We currently have several new Camaros. The Mustang is assigned to Public Affairs and is displayed at the State Fair and various other functions. This Mustang was formerly assigned at Elizabethtown."

Jonathan says:

    I  would like to submit the pics any or all of them under privately owned ssp. I know in the past the KSP cars have been limited in pictures and info since there was only 5 of the 1990 models ever used. I have recently purchased Kelly McCloud's car from him. I have added photos of the engine, full size spare, interior as well as the unique roll bar we used. At this time the KSP still owns two of the original five cars. It is unknown to me where the remaing two cars ended up as they were sold at a public auction in the late 90's. This car is unit 543 and was on the road from the summer of 1990 until the fall of 1999. I will continue to update you with pics and information if you wish. One piece of info is that the roll bars were not factory ordered, but were installed by the KSP. My car now has 105,000 original miles on it. It is original all the way down to the plug wires. It has theVASCAR cable, full size spare, one key locking system, pwr window/door locks, re-located trunk release, correct DSO tags, and the 160mph speedo. I am still researching the car at this time. I know it was issued to Dry Ridge Post and driven by at least 3 different Troopers. I am the third owner which includes the KSP, Kelly McCloud, and myself. I have extensive documentation including a copy of the original bill of sale, owners manuals and books, a rare KSP Trooper magazine with the car on the cover, as well as many receipts. I was also lucky enough to get 9 years of KSP automotive history on the car showing every penny ever spent of the car and who was driving it. I am very honored to have this extremely rare car. Not only is it an SSP, and a 25th Anniversary car but since it is one of five cars it is a pretty rare find in such excellent condition. If you have any questions at all I will be glad to answer them. Thank you and keep up the great work on preserving these great cars.

     Here are some more recent pics of my KSP SSP SP#543. I was asked to display it in the KSP Museum in Frankfort, Kentucky when the museum opened in the spring of 2006. The car is still currently on display and may be viewed by the public during business hours. For more detail go to www.ksppa.com.


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