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Dave says:

     It has 136,042 miles on it. I'm the 3rd owner counting the FHP as the 1st. It was auctioned in 1990 with 93,545 miles on it (according to carfax data it was registered 9/11/1990 by the previous owner with that mileage). The only option that the car has is A/C which I removed since it was not functioning. It has the blue silicon hoses still also. I saved all parts I removed though. It still has the full size spare and the car is 100% stock down to the exhaust even the has never been replaced. It has tan interior as you can see and I have the data off the build tags also if you would like that. It says: DSO 24-0243, Florida Special Paint Roof and Rear Deck, Cream WT. 1077. Remainder Black 1C, Special Service Pkg. The car has 2.73 gears as per the M code on the door tag. I have pics of inside of the trunk lid showing the original cream color and plate on the trunk. I plan on going back to original colors also and I'm looking for a spotlight also.

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