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Jeff says:

I purchased this Florida Highway Patrol car #1417, this past March of 2002, for $6,000.  This mechanics of this SSP were all original down to the blue hoses.  When I received the mustang it had 109,000 miles on it, currently it reads 113,000.  I bought it from a dealer in Massachusetts, who had purchased the car from the State of Florida public auction in Orlando.  When I obtained the car it needed work. I put four brand new Cobra Z tires along with an off-road H pipe, Ram Air, underdrive pulleys, a set of new headlights, 9mm spark plug wires, and will continue to add performance parts.  This summer I have placed the SSP in numerous car shows and have done well.

Jeff adds:

Last year I totally changed the car back to its original condition. I received all the right decals, Jetsonic lightbar and even the Motorola radio. All the parts were put back in their correct places.


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