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Dave Says:

Attached are photos of my car.  It is a 1993 Ford Mustang SSP.  It served with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and then reportedly with the Bellflower, MO/Montogmery Co., MO Police or Sheriff's Department.  As I get more documentation I will pass it along.  I have letters out to all of the above departments hoping for some sort of response.

It was originally all white, but one of the private owners painted it black and white for show purposes.

Not knowing exactly what I want to do with the car at this point, I have made it a generic police vehicle modeling the markings after the old Ford Mustang ad using the "Highway Patrol" markings.

I purchased the car in July 2002, 5.0, 5-speed.  Black and white with the Ruby Red interior

5/03: This is former Missouri State Highway Patrol Unit P-632. I have recently had it repainted and installed the emergency equipment. It currently has 126,000 miles on the odometer. I received permission from Colonel Stottlemyre of the Missouri State Patrol to purchase the markings for my restoration.

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