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Bill says:

I have always loved the look of the 5.0 notch backs and when clean the Calypso green looks great not to mention the added benefit of the Police Package Mods over the stock vehicles.  I bought the car from a dealer here locally that had just backed it off the trailer from state auction.  I test drove it that day and brought it home the next.  It had 86k if I remember correctly. The car is basically stock, I removed the air silencer, added an
MSD Coil, and Venom 400 PCM, run only Mobil 1, and Bosch Platinum's.  The car has been a daily driver for me since I purchased it and has 108k on it now and I have had no problems to speak of.  She still runs like new.  Now that I have the Caprice I plan on catching up on some preventative maintenance.  I also plan on a few more Mods nothing radical as I am satisfied with the performance of the vehicle now, Flowmaster Delta Flow 40 series, and K&N (which I have been procrastinating on purchasing and installing).

5/03: Dwight adds:

I own this car now. It still runs strong with 117,000 on it car. Now has off-road H-pipes, Flowmaster, MSD coil and 6AL box, rachet shifter, Venom 400 PCM and she still gets Mobil 1 and Bosch Platinum 4s. Soon to come is a new supercharger.


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