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Chris says: I bought it on March 25th 2002 and paid $3900.00 for it. It is still black and tan and is in fair shape, had some minor body damage to the fender and bumper cover, nothing serious. The interior was in fair shape with lots of holes drilled in it. It has 90,000 miles on it. The engine runs good, trans needs a throwout bearing. I bought it in Woodbridge, Virginia and trailered it home to the Philadelphia suburbs. I work as a police officer and a full restoration is planned. I bought it off of a private owner who bought it at auction. He had the original decals put back on it..I since took them off again.  It also was missing its hood and had a cowl hood on it. I have since put a stock black hood on it. It had nice 4 lug Cobra R style wheels on it with fresh Yokohama tires, which im selling. It now has black ten holes on it. All and all I think I got a good deal. The only problem is I can't figure out which car number it was due to there being no roof numbers. It has 2 holes in the roof from lighbar and antenna.


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