What's new and exciting on the site!

06.06.13 Welcome to Erv Ulbrich with his pristine 1982!
12.08.12 2013 SSP calendars now available-Check out the home page for info! 
11.25.12 Welcome to Gary Woodward with his '90 CHP!
11.03.12 Welcome Frank Driscoll, Derek Schutte, Andy Bentinck-Smith, Matthew Cunningham to the SSMOA!
08.03.12 Welcome SSMOA members Karl Stolzfus with his 1989 AZ DPS, Greg Somborn with his Manassa, CO SSP and John Rago with his '87 TX DPS!!
07.21.12 Updated Vehicle Usage section.
02.18.12 Welcome SSMOA member Chad McElroy with his Trussville, AL SSP!
01.02.12 Welcome to Tony Aleria with his '90 CHP to the SSMOA!
11.29.11 Welcome new member John Woodason to the SSMOA!
10.29.11 Welcome to Tom McPherson & Alfonso Salas to the SSMOA!
09.15.11 Welcome to James Slover to the SSMOA!
08.24.11 Welcome to two new SSMOA member Tony Hawkins and Mike Whittemore! Also, some new rare photos from Alex Ginzburg here.
07.18.11 Updated VIN Registry! Welcome new SSMOA member Rick Romaniuk!
07.06.11 Updated Photo Section with some neat CHP Mustang images.
07.05.11 Updated VIN Registry!
06.21.11 Welcome new member 1991 FHP owner Patrick Shea to the SSMOA!
04.01.11 Welcome new member Jim Oaks to the SSMOA with his 1990 Frisco SSP.
01.11.11 Updated VIN Registry, now almost 1800 VIN's!
01.01.11 Welcome Matt Nicley to the SSMOA! Also, the SSP Calendar has been updated for 2011, enjoy!
12.04.10 Welcome to two new SSMOA members, Mark Cool and Drew Brown, welcome!
10.10.10 Welcome to four new SSMOA members, David Reed, Bob Hill, Chip Young, David Sullins, thanks for your support!
07.31.10 Updated VIN Registry!
03.17.10 Welcome two new SSMOA members, Barry Woodward and Ryan Kucera, thanks!!
01.18.10 Welcome four new SSMOA members, Hal Johns, Robert Squicciarini, Marc Cerundolo and Gary Wheeler, thank you and welcome!
12.09.09 Added coverage of the 2009 45 th Anniversary show at Barber Motorsport Park.
12.05.09 Updated VIN Registry, now over 1700 VIN's!
12.01.09 Welcome to newest SSMOA members, Robby Fayas, Bryan Sinor, J.C. Bohleman, TJ Meyers, Justin Fivella, Gary McFarland! Also updated the 2010 events page here:
06.06.09 Added two SSP's to the For Sale area.
06.01.09 Welcome to newest SSMOA members, Harry Shasho, Ken Young, Rich Corbett, Joe Haney!
04.20.09 Updated the VIN Registry, now over 1700 VIN's!
01.19.09 Happy New Year! Plenty of updates to kick off 2009. First, new photos in many of the galleries, including some great SSP in-service photos, private owner updates, FHP images, other Police vehicles, and SSMOA members! Also, updated Calendar for the New Year-be sure to print off your months online! Lots more updates coming so stay tuned!
09.22.08 Welcome to newest SSMOA members! Also, some neat photos c/o Alex Ginzburg here and Jerry Law, here! A really nice red unmarked, low mileage 1993 SSP also listed for sale-see it here!
06.10.08 VIN Registry updates, along with SSMOA area updates-thanks to all new members!
04.07.08 New SSP photos added, including in-service FHP and NE Mustangs, thanks to B. Tindle and Jerry Law.
03.14.08 Welcome new SSMOA members, Manuel Messeguer, Charles Campney, Russ Stubock, Bruce MacMillan and Mike Strinich!
01.29.08 Added some additional pics in the main gallery, thanks to Jerry Law.
01.08.08 Happy New Year! Some more rare photo updates, including several from Alex Ginzburg, and updates to the FHP Galleries. Also updated the calendar page.
12.30.07 Welcome to the newest SSMOA Members Paul Champagne, Livio DiCenso, and Alan Marceau! Thanks for your support. Also, some additional great Mustang pics c/o Jerry Law, see them here:
10.03.07 Added some nice pics c/o Alex Ginzburg.-see them here.
07.23.07 Updated pricing page with new format.
07.14.07 Added several vehicles For Sale, including my 1982 CHP Mustang-more info here: Also updates to the Other photo gallery, thanks to Mike Jakubec, Bob Lanning and Jason Kahles for their photos!
06.03.07 Updates to the FHP Restoration document, now almost 50 pages! Welcome newest SSMOA members Lisa and Brian Sams. Also neat photos of a 1988 US Border Patrol Mustang, thanks to Darin Putman, see it here:.
03.30.07 More nice shots from Alex Ginzburg.-see them here.
03.15.07 Some additional updates to the VIN Registry.
03.14.07 Updated the VIN Registry.
02.25.07 Welcome two more SSMOA members, Rich Armstrong and Chris Duck, thanks! Also updated photos in several galleries, including some rare SSP shots of Wyoming HP, Washington and Texas, thanks to Eric Prince, and some very neat FHP photos. Also other police vehicles, be sure to check them out!
02.12.07 Updated the VIN Registry. Thanks to Tom Glass for his NCHP info.
02.10.07 Updated events page for upcoming shows. Also updated Vehicle Usage page.
01.29.07 Added coverage of the Mustang 30th show here:
01.23.07 Updated the VIN Registry. Also updated pricing page.
01.22.07 Updated shots of the 1992 EVOC car-thanks Tom Vigil, very nice pics, here:
01.17.07 More nice shots from Alex Ginzburg of Nevada Highway Patrol cars.-see them here.
12.27.06 More great pics including some very rare FHP Mustang shots, thanks Jerry Law, and some pre-sale CHP cars from the 90's, thanks to Steve S! Thanks also to Charles  Walker and Mike Jakubec. Also, some neat cars in the other sections from around the world, including RCMP Crown Vics and a cool Puerto Rico Transit Mustang. Thanks to all who have contributed.
12.26.06 Welcome to our newest SSMOA member, Paul Henry with his 1985 Oregon SSP! Also, check out the pics in the SSP gallery here, some very rare pics including an older RCMP car, thanks Eric Prince.
12.15.06 Updated the VIN Registry. Thanks to Tony Scharp for his work on compiling Texas VIN info. More VIN's to come.

SSP Calendars are now available! 13 very nice SSP's for 2007, only $14.99-Click here for ordering info!

11.19.06 Updated tech section with some new images and info. Also, SSMOA updates as well. Thanks to Peter Teigeler, Chris Short, Jim Doiron, Sam Cooper, Michael Patterson, Harold Turcq, Jason Arndt, Anthony Koester, Neal Jaspers, Michael Morrison and Malcolm Skaletsky for their support!
11.03.06 Updated personal area, and the SSP agency pics, some neat photos. Also, SSMOA updates as well.
09.30.06 Updated the VIN Registry. Also the For sale area with a nice 1988 Nebraska car and a neat 1989 car.
09.12.06 Updated the SSMOA members area, thanks to Neil Gory, Alex Velez Jr., John Redshaw, Chris Narkin, Adam Bates, Matt Buckmaster and Matt Heimer for their support! Also some new pics from the Alex Ginsburg collection, you won't want to miss these if you're a fan of the 'M' states! Check them here:
07.23.06 Updated the SSMOA members area, new pics for Eric Prince, and thanks to our newest members Matt Heimer, Gary Frankfurter and Kevin Lohse! Also, an update to the 'Last FHP Mustang' feature.
07.08.06 Updated VIN Registry. Also, interesting 1987 SSP from Wa. State Patrol added for sale, and cars from CHP and Arizona DPS added to  For Sale area. Also, more of the very rare photos from Eric Prince, including FHP, NESP, NCHP, Miss. State Police and MOHP cars!
06.03.06 Updated VIN Registry-Now over 660 VINS!
05.22.06 Some VERY nice photos this month. First, from Alex Ginzburg-Rare Louisiana State Police Mustangs and a nice KY. SSP-see them here. And some very nice shots SSP's from CHP, AZ DPS, and CSP. Thanks to Eric Prince for sharing these!
05.22.06 Updated the For Sale section.
05.19.06 Welcome to our newest member, Tom Powderly from Watertown, MA with his 1993 FHP car. Also updated the links page.
04.22.06 Updated the For Sale section with a nice 1993 CHP SSP. Also, added some very rare photos to the SSP gallery...these include Utah Highway Patrol slicktops of both 4 eyed and newer years. SSMOA member Eric Prince has been kind enough to supply me with an incredible selection of some very rare photos which I will be posting over the next few weeks!
04.12.06 Updated the For Sale section with an interesting 1987 SSP.
04.10.06 Added our new FHP Mustang documentation guide to the Restoration section. This has been in the works for quite a while, and is the only document that we know of anywhere. This is a first draft, and any suggestions or contributions are welcome.
03.14.06 Updated the SSP VIN Registry..now at 650 VINS!!
03.08.06 Welcome to three more SSMOA members, Ron Kay, Ed Freeman, and Chris Miller, thanks guys!! Added some updated photos to the personal section, including some new shots of Jon McChesney's 1990 KSP car, and a nice red unmarked NCHP car.

Also, a big day for us here at SSPMUSTANG.ORG...The site was launched on March 8, 2001, and and as of today has been up for 5 years!! Thanks to all who have contributed photos, information and stories and for helping to make the site what it is.


03.02.06 Fixed the link to the Silver Springs 2006 show: Added some more of SSMOA member Jim Young's vehicles here:
03.01.06 Well, finally got my computer stuff squared away, so look for lots of updates this month! For starters, updated the SSMOA members area. Also some new SSP's For Sale , be sure to take a look! Sorry for those of you waiting on photos, but I've got a lot to do!
01.21.06 Updated the SSP Calendar...also new show coverage of Silver Springs from this month!


12.28.05 Several updates and some great photos in the photo galleries, including Private, FHP, SSP Mustangs, Camaros, and Other. Thanks to Alex Ginzburg, Charles Ricks, Mike Kennedy, Joe VanSeeters, Jenny Emily and Sean Chiddenton for their photos. Also a welcome to our newest SSMOA member, Tatum McMillian.
11.30.05 Welcome several new members to the SSMOA, John Malloy, MJ Collier and Steve Laing, thanks!
11.23.05 Updated SSP VIN Registry with several more years, also removed some dupes that were added. Thanks to our newest SSMOA members, George Tresider and Rob Shewchuk, thanks!!
11.21.05 Welcome to two more SSMOA members, Tom Tate and Bob Egleston. Thanks for your support guys!
11.19.05 Welcome to our two newest SSMOA members, Brian Verse and Dave Soucia, thanks for joining! Also added two SSP's to the For Sale page.
11.16.05 Welcome to our newest SSMOA member, John Formia with his 1993 Beverly Hills CA SSP!
11.14.05 Welcome to our two newest SSMOA member, Neal Koenig from MI!. Updated some nice images in the 'FHP' Gallery, thanks to Chris C. for his photos.
11.11.05 Welcome to our two newest SSMOA members, Peter DeTonnancourt from FL and Ryan Olsen from WA! Thank you for your support. Updated some nice images in the 'other' Gallery, thanks to Mark Woodhouse, B. Davis, M. Lovingood and Ron Mahoy for their fine contributions!
11.08.05 Added 1987 CHP VIN's to the SSP VIN Registry, now almost 650 VIN's total!
11.07.05 Made several additions and corrections to the SSP VIN Registry. Added a very nice restored GSP 1991 Mustang..you don't see them like this very often, it's listed here in the For Sale area! Also updated the Links page and removed any outdated or incorrect ones..
11.03.05 Welcome to our two newest SSMOA members, Tim Austin from VA and John Barnett from WA...Thanks for your support guys! Also, updated some pics of SSMOA member Steve Clyburn's 1993 Texas car with the Trooper who drove it, neat shots. Added several more VIN's to the SSP VIN Registry.

Also, some pics of the 1982 CHP Mustang recently acquired...check it out!

11.01.05 Added another group of VIN's to the VIN Registry page, closing in on 500! Also, uploaded some feature updates on The Last FHP Mustang and my '86 SSP..Check them here:
10.22.05 Added another 25 VIN's to the VIN Registry page. Be sure to check if you're looking for info, and I welcome any VIN submissions from SSP owners!
10.21.05 Two big updates to the site this week...first, I've added our first shot at an SSP VIN Registry! This includes over 400 VIN's from several years. If you're looking for info on a specific year, please check here. If you'd like to add your VIN to the registry, please do so as well. Please keep in mind we are just starting on this effort and welcome any suggestions.

Additionally, I've added another several dozen of Dr. Alex Ginzburg's rare Mustang photos!! Excellent viewing from all over! You won't see these photos anywhere else.

09.21.05 Added a nasty blown 1992 FHP SSP to the For Sale area!
09.14.05 The Alex Ginzburg Collection is now on-line!! Dr. Alex Ginzburg, noted Police vehicle photographer and collector, has graciously agreed to share his outstanding collection of vintage photos. These include not only SSP Mustangs, but Police vehicles of all types and from all over! I will be adding more photos over the coming months. This great collection can be viewed here:
09.13.05 Added some outstanding photos to the FHP Gallery of FHP offering assistance during Katrina efforts in AL and MS....Great stuff, thanks to Tpr. Chris C. for the shots. Thanks to Dean Lautermilch also for some neat action shots. Also added some great FHP vintage photos from the 70's, I have a lot more of these and will be adding them soon!

Also added a very nice Red 1992 SSP with Premium interior! Check out our For Sale area for more.

08.31.05 Welcome new member Aaron Steiner to the SSMOA, thanks Aaron!
08.23.05 Added some pictures of a 1993 Red FHP car, rare!
08.22.05 Added several new vehicles to the For Sale section, and also updated the SSMOA area.
08.16.05 Welcome to another SSMOA member, Mike Cunningham, with his 1993 MOHP SSP! Also added several interesting cars to the For Sale section, please take a look if you're thinking of buying an SSP. Also some new images to the FHP gallery, be sure to check out the FHP slicktop with the shuttle taking off behind it, wow! Thanks Chris C!
08.08.05 Added a MJ Collier's '91 SSP from Davie FL to the Personal section, and some nice pics of Eric Prince's restored '89 MOHP car to the SSMOA gallery. Also updated quarterly pricing info.
07.21.05 Added 3 new cars to the For Sale section...check it out!
07.18.05 Welcome to Eric Prince to the SSMOA! Also added some new pics from Teron Brown of his car in his personal section.
06.29.05 Added a bunch of photos to the Other Police vehicles section, cars from all over Florida. Also some very nice FHP photos. Thanks to Chris and 'gotthumb' for their photos.
06.21.05 Welcome to the two newest members to the SSMOA, John Hire and Roman Collins! Also, please check out Phil Sanchez '86 neat CHP car in the personal section.
06.09.05 More updates the FHP gallery, including some neat vintage and action shots. I finally have my collection organized and have many more to add, so stay tuned. Added Eric Prince's very nice '89 MOHP car to the Personal gallery. Also added some cool SSP posters you've probably never seen  in the Literature section, so be sure to take a look.
06.08.05 Listed an interesting FHP car For Sale! Also updated the Events page. Also, check out the SSMOA members page for updated photos for Jim Young and Gregg Henderson's fine SSP's.
06.06.05- Camaros!! I know it's a Mustang site..but. I had a bunch of photos saved up, so please check them out on both the FHP gallery and the Camaro gallery...you won't believe some of the unmarked ones!
05.20.05 Added a nice '92 Michigan State Police SSP owned by Terry Tatro..also some pics on the Orange County 9/11 show from April!
05.12.05 Updated the SSP calendar, and added a nice feature on a unique salvage yard..not Mustang stuff, but it's worth a look here!
04.25.05 Welcome to several more members to the SSMOA-Dr. S. Pallas from Northville, MI with his 1992 Michigan State Police SSP, and Rob and Melissa Christman from Melbourne, FL with their 1990 Texas DPS and 1993 FHP cars-thank you for your support!
04.19.05 Added some nice pics of the April 2005 Fantasy of Flight show.
04.08.05 Thanks to Scott Castle of Circleville, OH our latest SSMOA member...thanks for your support Scott!
04.05.05 Got a variety of stuff this week. First, thanks to Bill Roever of Old Forge PA, our newest member of the SSMOA! Also, several neat updates in the 'Other' Police section including a wrecked Missouri Highway Patrol car that I simply cannot believe someone could survive! Some great CHP K9 pics as well, and some nice photos of Jackson County MO vehicles. Thanks to Eric Prince, Ray Miller and 'Dawgman' for their photos. Also updated the monthly calendar, and added a couple new pics of my '93 SSP while in service.
03.31.05 Welcome to Steve Clyburn of Sugarland, TX as the latest SSMOA member with his 1993 Texas DPS car...pics to follow shortly. Also, please check out the FHP gallery, some great shots of the new Marauders and Camaros!
03.29.05 Updated the For Sale area with a nice 90 unmarked SSP, worth a look!
03.22.05 Thanks to Darin and Sylvie Putman for joining the SSMOA with their two Texas DPS Mustangs! The members section has been updated. Also updated 'My SSP' with a couple of new '83 photos.
03.10.05 First, thanks to our newest member of the SSMOA, Tom Mallette, for his support!

Some great SSP photos this month-a few I know many of you have never seen! There are additions to the state gallery including 1983 and 1984 FHP Mustangs, a group of retired FHP cars, some great shots of later cars too. Also some nice CHP shots of early and newer vehicles, and a Wyoming Highway Patrol Mustang, only shot I have seen. A Nevada HP SSP rounds out the collection..they can be found here. I have also revamped the FHP photo section, I will be adding much more to it including some neat vintage stuff, check it out. I am adding a separate section just for SSP literature, posters, etc as well sp be sure to check it out here, there's more to come. And as usual, the activity on the forums remains high, so please be sure to stop by!

02.23.05 Added two new SSMOA Members, Ron Mahoy and Michael Duren, thanks for your support!
01.27.05 Added several neat SSP photos, including a rare Idaho car. Several rare photos to come!
01.15.05 Welcome to our newest SSMOA members Charles Walker, Jim Young and David Philipkoski! Your support is appreciated.

Also, please see some updated of Keith Suzuki's rare 1988 USAF car in both the personal area and also in the features section.

01.10.05 Lots of updates this week-First, some great pics of the last Arizona DPS SSP, and an SSP from right here in Fort Walton Beach FL, thanks to Bryan Richards and Paul Amos! Also, a bunch of nice pics in the other Police vehicles section, thanks to Ofr. J. Cerdan for these. Added some new links, updated the For Sale area, and split out the FHP pics to their own gallery-I've got a ton of pics to add here, including some Vintage shots previously unseen!

We have some GREAT info coming for you CHP and FHP guys that I know you will like-look for it to start being posted within the next week or so. I will guarantee you won't see this on ANY other website.

Lastly, thanks to our newest SSMOA member, Michael Catalano, for his support!!

01.04.05 Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good Holiday season. I would like to welcome Louis Deutsch and Matt Turner to the SSMOA, Thanks for your support guys! You can check out Louis' nice CHP car on the Jan 2005 calendar. Also, please be sure to take a look at the Mustang Monthly Oct article on SSP's, with my car and SSMOA member Mark Woodhouse, it's a neat piece, Adobe PDF format, good reading, download it here:

Updated quarterly pricing report also, things have been a bit quiet on the SSP pricing scene surprisingly.

I am upgrading some hardware on my end which should make site updates a bit more frequent, so stay tuned!


Previous Updates:

3.8.01     What's New? Well, how about the whole site? I've just put the finishing touches on several of the pages. I hope you enjoy it, and please, feel free to email me if you have any good photos, links, information, etc.



5.20.01 Just added a bunch of photos..Some nice ones from Texas, GA, all over. I'd like to thank all who were kind enough to pass along photos including Dale Amond, John Anderson, John Cerami, Steve Collins, Sam Cox, John Guerra, Joe Horvath, Robert Poppel, Brian Shuemaker, Rob Zanussi and everyone else kind enough to send along images.
8.7.01 Just added some nice photos from the Chicagoland show, Georgia state auction, Michigan state police from Joe Horvath, Charles Walker, David Colvin, Charles McCarthy. Also updated the pricing page. Thanks to everyone for contributing.
8.29.01 Added some SSP photos from Orlando auction, also updated pricing page..
10.01.01 Added photos from the MCA 25th anniversary show in Atlanta..be sure to check these out!
10.10.01 Added some pricing info, brochure photos.
10.16.01 Added some photos in the 'grab-bag' section, updated the links section.
11.04.01 Added some misc stuff, personal cars..thanks to Mike Jakubec & Mark Woodhouse!
11.25.01 Added some nice photos to the gallery. Thanks to Charles Walker, Bruce Howard & Bob Hagen for their photos. Also updated pricing page.
12.01.01 Added new section of featured vehicle of the month..
12.20.01 Added some new photos to the gallery including some FHP vehicles.
01.03.02 Updated pricing, added new photos in Gallery.
01.09.02 Added some nice photos co Joe Horvath of the Sparks show. Also updated links page, gallery.
01.17.02 Added a bunch of stuff in the gallery..check it out! Also updated events page.
01.29.02 Added the monthly feature section for the year, and working on the tech page..stay tuned!
02.03.02 Finished updating most of the tech section, now has VIN/DSO/Bucktag info.
02.07.02 Added some nice Indiana State Police photos thanks to Bruce Howard.
02.18.02 Added some info on my '83 FHP project Mustang, Gallery updates thanks to Charles Ricks, Tom S.
02.21.02 Added some door sticker and buildsheet info, thanks to Tom Tate for his help.
03.02.02 Added some nice info and photos on Wisconson and Minnesota cars, check the Gallery and FAQ.
03.04.02 Added some excellent reference info in the technical section, thx to Mike Potter; also updated Gallery including KYSP, INS and UHP, thanks to Charles Ricks, Charles Walker and Craig Johnson.
03.05.02 SSP figures by state now on-line! Charles Ricks' exhaustive work on the breakdown by state is listed under the tech section..be sure check it out.
03.05.02 Added some photos of the '88 OSP/Saleen SSP car. Thanks to Performance Auto Sport.
03.07.02 Added some nice photos of Tony Scharp's '88 TX DPS car to personal section.
03.08.02 Added some nice SCHP photos of Camaros, Crown Vics, and other SC cars.
03.11.02 Updated price page and added some gallery photos.
03.13.02 Updated misc. section of gallery with pics of SSP racers.
03.25.02 Updated tech section with bucktags, door stickers and other info. Thanks to Chris LeDonne and John Scroggins for some additional info.
03.27.02 Updated technical section with some additional images.
04.01.02 Updated vehicle usage section with new info from Charles Ricks.
04.03.02 Split gallery into 4 sections for faster loading; also added over 75 images to the Police photos area, including many of the new FHP Camaros.
04.06.02 Added some show event photos from Feb and April.
04.09.02 Added some new gallery photos for Hillsborough County, FL, FHP, PA, OK cars..Thanks to Tony Scharp and Joe I. for the photos. Also added Chris Narkin's 1992 FHP car in personal section.
04.24.02 Just moved the site to it's new domain! Please let me know if anything appears not to be working.
05.06.02 Added some very nice shots of Bruce Howard's restored 1992 Michigan State Police Mustang. Also, added some photos of a still in service FHP Mustang(used by the FHP reserve). Added photos in each of the galleries, also added a couple of nice cars to the 'For Sale' section..be sure to check em out!

Also fixed a problem with files in the 'other Police' photos section.

05.18.02 Updated pricing page. Added a nice and rare RCMP Mustang to the 'For Sale' section. Also, some coverage of the Strathroy, Ontario show c/o Bruce Howard.
05.21.02 Updated usage page in tech section. Added some cars to personal section, and updated 'My SSP' with a few photos I had kicking around. Also broke out the Camaro photos to a separate section to reduce loading time.
05.27.02 Updated both personal and state galleries with new Mustang photos, including some nice ones from Tony Scharp, and in an in service Gainesville, FL PD SSP. Also some new UHP SSP photos.
05.31.02 Added some photos of the lone remaining FHP Mustang, Unit 1993, at the 2002 FHP Conference in Orlando...be sure to check it out. Also updated tech section with 1988 SSP Brochure.
06.03.02 Added a bunch of Texas DPS and Utah Highway Patrol B4C Camaros..Thanks to Tony Scharp and Craig Johnson.
06.04.02 Updated the technical section under 'usage' thanks to Charles Ricks. Also added a nice 1985 SSP ex-Kentucky car in the 'for sale' section.
06.12.02 Added new photos of Roman Collins '93 Texas DPS and another photo of Joe Horvaths' Texas car. Both very nice vehicles, check em out! Also, new CHP photos c/o Michael Catalano, thanks. Added some neat photos of SSP racers taken at the Fun Ford Event Gainesville, FL June 7-9. Also, some nice shots of CEMA show with Bruce Howards Michigan State Police car.
06.17.02 Updated the tech section including DSO data and SSP options. I've included a sample list for FHP and GSP cars on options. Still compiling some of it for 1982-1985.
06.22.02 Added some photos of an service Oregon State Police SSP, thanks to Tom Vigil. Also a 92 FHP car in the personal section.
06.25.02 Added some pics of the a 1986 SSP Fire Chief's car just purchased. Also added some info to windows sticker/buildsheet tech section.
06.26.02 Added several dozen photos to the 'Other Police' section, including PT Cruiser, Command vehicles, and an assortment of stuff.
07.14.02 Updated the personal photo section tonight, some nice shots, thanks to Tom Vigil, Tip Smith, C. Johnson and Clint Stinnett for their photos and info, also updated the grab bag section with a couple of cool shots.

I've been off for a couple weeks now and have a backlog of photos to get posted, bear with me. I have a bunch of stuff to add this week, including some FHP and TX DPS photos, and some good Camaro shots as well.

07.15.02 Updated the Camaro and other Police vehicles sections, thanks to Tony Scharp and Craig Johnson.
07.28.02 Updated Pricing info page. Added some new photos of Tony Scharp's and Bruce Howard's SSP's to the personal section..neat photos, one with an   F-16, 2 at Indy, be sure to check them out. Added some photos to the other section and a neat photo of a marked FHP Turbo Trans-Am used about 20 years or so ago..Thanks Glenn.
08.02.02 Updated the '83 FHP car info page.
08.10.02 Finished the '86 SSP Fire Chief car, be sure to check out the photos with lightbar and decals. Updated the '83 FHP car info page with some photos. Added photos to the Misc., Police and Camaro galleries as well, so be sure to check those out..especially the Misc section, how often do you get to see a Viper nailed by a Crown Vic??
08.24.02 Updated the personal pages with 3 more cars..Thanks to Dave Colvin, Ron Mahoy, and Jeff Niznik for sharing their rides!
09.04.02 Added coverage of the MCA national show on Labor day..some great shots! I will be adding more cars to the personal section so stay tuned.
09.14.02 Added some nice shots of an inservice SSP from Washington State. Also added some personal pics, thanks to Mike Jakubec for both.
09.16.02 Updated the 4 sale section with a very unique '92 CHP EVOC car for sale. Added some nice pics to the 'other Police' and Camaro section, thanks to Clint Stinnett and Don Brink. Also updated events section.
09.29.02 Added 2 shows, CEMA and Westchester, PA, thanks to Bruce Howard and Tom Gouldy for pics and info. Added an event for those of you in Texas in November. Also updated pricing info.
10.01.02 Updated Technical section for bucktags and door labels.
10.06.02 Updated Lowe's national show coverage..thanks to Scott Castle for pics.
10.16.02 Added some nice Camaro pics and some Grab bag stuff.
10.17.02 Added a nice '93 SSP to the For Sale section. Also added some nics NYSP pics c/o Dale Amond, and Nick Ambrati sent some Caprice shots for the Grab bag section. Also some new Personal pics and some other pics.
10.25.02 Added some nice shots of not one but TWO still in service Mustangs from Pineville, NC! Also, lowered price on nice SSP For Sale.
10.31.02 Added two nice SSP's For Sale!
11.01.02 Added another FHP SSP to the For Sale area.
11.06.02 Camaros! I know this a Mustang site but...when you get some great shots of high performance cop cars, it tough not to share 'em! Thanks to Craig Johnson for photos and info. Also added some photos to personal section, thanks Joe Horvath.
12.01.02 Updated the For Sale section with a nice low mileage SSP. Updated Misc section, thanks Dale Amond. Also updated Camaro section and links.
12.04.02 Added some pics on the '83 FHP project car.
12.11.02 Added some really nics pics to the Personal section...be sure to check out Oscar Paz's CHP and Kelly McCloud's Kentucky State Police vehicle. Also Chris Cassun sent some nice interior shots of equipment in his UHP SSP. Thanks to Don Brink and Scott Castle for helping with photos, and thanks to Dave Soucia, Chris Shaw and Matt Rocksvold for photos and info on their rides! Also added another SSP to the For Sale section.
12.15.02 Added 2 more SSP's to the For Sale section including a '93 FHP and '84 FHP car..
12.31.02 Updated pricing page. Also updated doortags page in the tech section.
01.02.03 Happy New Year! Finally getting caught up on some pics..Some great shots of in service Mustangs from CA, Utah and Kentucky, and added some updated and new photos in the personal SSP area. Also, added 2 new cars for sale. Thanks to Clint Stinnett, Jack Houston, Craig Johnson, Ron Mahoy, Brian Verse, Teron Brown, Kathy and Ed Freeman and everyone else kind enough to contribute photos and info. Also started updating the Monthly featured SSP section. Still a ton of new stuff to add, so stay tuned!
01.08.03 Camaros! Added some nice pics from all over the US to the Camaro area. Also added some nice Crown Vic photos and some neat shots in the 'Grab bag'...Thanks to Ofr. Chris Bruton, Dep. Matt Southern, J. Cerdan, and everyone else kind enough to contribute. I apologize for the delay in getting some of these posted, I'm only now getting caught up from the Holidays.
01.14.03 Added another in service SSP photo of a nice Mt. Zion, GA car. Thanks to Mike Hurston for the photos. Also added a 1992 ex-FHP car to For Sale section.
01.16.03 Updated the events section.
01.18.03 Some great photos and info on the CHP and how they put/remove vehicles into service..Be sure to check these photos out here!
01.21.03 Added some nice NCHP vehicles in the 'other' photos area.
02.11.03 Added some nice Camaro shots..Thanks to Joe Guerra, Ray Miller, Greg Allison, Sam Cox, Adam Strader for their help!
03.04.03 Added a nice '93 CHP SSP and a hot '88 to the For Sale area.
03.10.03 Added an interesting '96 B4C Camaro to the  For Sale area. Also updated links.
03.19.03 Added several nice SSP's to the For Sale area. Also added some nice RCMP photos and Texas County Crown Vics, some nice shots of Older CHP cars to the 'other' section, and some other cool shots to the 'Grab-bag' area. Thanks to Greg Allison, Dep. Mike Herzog, and CHP ret. Dave Johnson for their contributions. Some more updates coming over the next couple of days!
04.01.03 Added some coverage of the Jan Silver Springs show. Added a nice Washington State SSP and an original '92 FHP SSP to the For Sale section.
04.03.03 Added some very cool CHP, Orange, CT and Dawson County, GA SSP photos; also some updates to the FAQ section. Also added some B4C Camaro shots from CHP, Texas and Canada. Thanks to Dave Johnson, Darin Putman and John Redshaw for their help.
04.09.03 Added 2 very nice cars For Sale..First, a 26,000 original mile 5.0 LX! Then a piece of history..a USAF 'mobile' or chase car, used for U-2 plane duty..Please take a look at both of these awesome Mustangs!
04.10.03 Added a 1987 FHP SSP to the personal section...check it out!
04.16.03 Added coverage of this year's Fantasy of Flight show..also added Bernie Berrios '93 FHP to the personal vehicles section.
04.22.03 Updated quarterly pricing info.
04.24.03 Added several updates to the Personal section..First, some nice photos of Dale Amond's '91 NYSP car. Then two truly awesome SSP's owned by Daniel Carpenter, Carpenter Reproductions..One with 7,200 miles, another with 347 original miles!! You have to check these vehicles out. Thanks to Daniel for taking his time out to show me his collection.
04.30.03 Added some nice photos of 2 SSP's to the personal section...a modfied FHP and stock FHP owned by Chad Keen and Doug Rogers.
05.01.03 Added some nice photos of in service SCHP SSP's and Washington State Patrol Mustangs. These are photos probably not seen before; the WSP cars cover all years from '84 up. Thanks to Lt. P. Gulley and Mike Jakubec for their help. Also updated tech section with some add'l VC label info, bucktag info, misc. documentation, vehicle usage. Added a '92 CHP car to the For Sale area..worth a look!
05.13.03 Added a nice '96 B4C Camaro For Sale..Also, some nice cars to personal section, including some great pics of Dave Colvin's restored Missouri Highway Patrol '93, and Phil's '89 SSP. Also, a link to a very interesting web site that is worth checking out! Updated the Other vehicles section with some cool shots also.
06.09.03 Well, enough goofing off...back to work! Added some nice shots in the other police vehicles section, including some Military vehicles overseas, a new NC DMV Crown Vic, and a couple fo nice Texas cars, thanks to Clint Stinnett, Allen Locklear and Darin Putman. Also some shots of the Pinellas County Sheriff Car Show in April.
06.19.03 Just got back from the Ford 100th Celebration...Great time, be sure to check out the feature here:
06.30.03 Updated pricing page..
07.15.03 Added a bunch of stuff to the State police SSP page..also some nice photos in the Personal area, and some new shots from the Ford 100th show! Thanks to Roman Collins, Tony Scharp, John Redshaw and Andy Laurence for their photos. Also some updates to the For Sale section..
07.25.03 Added nice 1998 B4C Camaro to For Sale area. Added nice '89 AZ DPS SSP to the privately owned area, thanks Brian Shuemaker. Also some neat stuff in Grab-bag, and the other Police images section, tx. to Dave Colvin, Mike Jakubec, and Greg Alison. Finally, many interesting updates to the tech area including bucktags, door tags, window stickers, and other stuff..Be sure to check it out. Thanks to JB, John Redshaw, Andy Laurence, Teron Brown and everyone else for their help.
08.03.03 Added some updated pics and info on Project '83..
08.04.03 Added some nice pics from the Saleen tour..thanks Don Brink.
09.03.03 Added a nice 88 SSP to the For Sale area. Also added some nice pics to the state/local SSP section, including an in-service '93, LaCrosse, VA, thanks JB, and some NCHP, Clearwater and Pinellas County FL cars. Also thanks to Ron Mahoy for the ISP red SSP in the State Police museum.
09.17.03 Added two nice SSP's For Sale...One 1992 black, one 1993 silver, both ex-FHP cars, check 'em out!
09.23.03 Added a bunch of really nice B4C Camaro photos, thanks to Sam Cox and Tom Vigil for the photos. Also some updates to the For Sale.
10.10.03 Added a 1984 ex-CHP car For Sale...Check it out, these don't come along too often. Also, update the FAQ section, and added some new photos of Ron Mahoy's ex-ISP car!
10.16.03 Added 2 very nice cars to the Personal section...Ryan Forsloff's '90 Nevada SSP, and Sam Cox's '91 GSP car..don't miss 'em!
10.23.03 Added a nice 1993 5 speed FHP car to the For Sale area!
10.28.03 Added two SSP's, one FHP, one CHP, to the For Sale area!
01.02.04 After being caught up with the Holidays and moving, I haven't had much chance to get the site updated. My New Year's resolution will be to try and get stuff posted within a week..Let's hope I can keep this one! Thanks to Tom Vigil, Frank Hawley, J Cerdan, Mike Jakubec, Ray Miller, Sam Cox, John Redshaw and Greg Allison for their photos.

I've got several sections to update, so I started with the Camaro and Other Police Vehicle areas..check out some great photos of Police cars around the country and the world. I will be updating the Mustang sections within a couple of days, as well as prices, so stay tuned, I've got some cool SSP shots I bet many of you have never seen before, including some new in-service shots. Says a lot for the durability of the SSP car that 10 years later they still being counted on for Law Enforcement use!

Happy New Year!!

01.14.04 OK, several more updates: First, added 3 SSP's to the For Sale area! If you're looking for one of these rare cars, be sure to browse here. Also, added 2 nice vehicles to the  Personal vehicles area, and added some nice updates..be sure to check out the updates on Chris Shaw and Chris Cassun's cars. Thanks to Eric Prince for pics of his Nebraska car, and Phil Childress for his GSP coupe. Also added some event info.
01.21.04 Updates galore this week! First, some rare images of Nebraska State Patrol and Minnesota cars, Missouri Highway Patrol in the museum. Also, a still in service car in Alabama and more of the in service LaCrosse VA car! Several very nice RCMP photos and a couple of other rare ones, including an in service Winter Park, FL car. These can all be seen in the photos section. Also added a 91 SSP to the For Sale area. Added  a couple of cool shots to the 'grab bag' also. Thanks to Eric Prince, Paul Amos, Mike Jakubec, Mike M., Bruce Howard, and JB for the photos.
02.02.04 Couple minor updates this week...Updated pricing info, also a nice '93 in the personal area. Also a nice wreck in the grab bag section..
03.25.04 Added a bunch of new photos to the Personal area...thanks to Darin Putman, Josh Siever, Jeff Niznik, Eric Prince for their photos. Added a nice 93 RCMP vehicle to the photos area, thanks to Paul Champagne. Also fixed the 'featured SSP' page, I realized somehow the old months had been put back on.
04.02.04 Added a couple of new cars to the For Sale area. Also added some event coverage on Silver Springs and the 9/11 Fundraiser, and updated the FAQ section.
04.12.04 Added a nice feature on 'Friday Night Lights', a movie with Tony Scharp's DPS car filmed on location..check it out.
04.21.04 Just got back from the Ford Mustang 40th...if you missed it, you can catch some of the photos here: It was an awesome event! Also added my 93 Unmarked FHP car to the for sale area..if you're interested in an unmakred SSP, please take a look!
05.27.04 Just a couple of updates..2004 NCHP Crown Vic to the other area, thanks to NCSHP EO Allen Locklear. I've got a couple of shows and some for sale updates as well coming up next week..
07.06.04 Added a bunch of cars the the personal section..more updates on the way! Thanks to everyone for their photos.
07.07.04 Added two cars to For Sale area..Check out the Ford Police Vehicles demo car and a rare Missouri car!
07.19.04 Updated Pricing page, added Chris Miller's clean Chico CA '92 to the personal area. Also added some more photos of Nashville 40th show, thanks to Scott Castle. Updated FAQ section with FHP info as well.
08.07.04 Well, the site's *almost* back to normal. Sorry for the interruption, it was part of moving to a new OS for the hosting end of it...unfortunately everything that could go wrong, did. Let's hope all will be working OK in the next day or so. If anyone has try to email me, it probably got bounced back in the interim, so please try again...thanks!
08.14.04 After two weeks plus, I think everything should be working properly. If you happen to notice any missing images or pages, please notify me. Thanks.
09.08.04 Added a nice restored 1993 Missouri State Patrol car to the  For Sale area..this car has everything, don't miss it!
09.24.04 The new Message Forums are up!! Please check them out and let me know how they look. Also, the SSMOA area is now open, for anyone interested in joining, please visit the SSMOA page here:

Also added some photos to the Grab Bag section, thanks Joe Lutz. I have a big backlog of photos to catch up on, so stay tuned! We're finally free of the hurricanes (4 in six weeks here in Florida!!) so maybe now I can get caught up.

10.06.04 Well, the new SSMOA members gallery is now up! I'd like to thanks those who have helped support the organization thus far. Please check out the vehicles and if you have an interest in joining, Paypal is now being accepted for membership as well. More info here:
10.07.04 Added a pair of very nice '90 SSP's; first, Louis Deutsch' 90 CHP car, and Joe Lutz' 90 FHP to the personal section.
10.26.04 Updated the SSMOA members section with some pics and info for new members. If you are interested in joining us, please check out the info page: Also nice NYSP Mustang co Joe Lutz. Thanks to John Redshaw for his 1991 RCMP photo.
11.14.04 Added 3 more SSMOA members and their cars, thanks to Stu Blank, Steve Collins, and Hunter Hay for their Support! To see the members page, click here:
12.06.04 Welcome to two more new SSMOA members, Marc Lattanzio and Marlin Workman..Thanks for your support! Also, check out the Personal pages, some new photos including Roman Collins '85 DPS car, Paul Champagne's 1993 RCMP 5 speed, now finished restoration, David Philiposki's GSP car. Also thanks to Chief Keven Kelley of the Hudson TX PD and their wild blown V6 patrol car..enjoy.
12.04.04 Some very interesting information on SSP's to check out. First, Mike McCullers' 1983 CSP car, complete with all documentation, this is a real find, 1 of 6, a very unusual piece, be sure to see it here! Also, Marlin Workman, WSP ret, has put together an outstanding piece of documentation on Washington State Patrol Mustangs. Please see the FAQ page for his info, and be sure to check out the gallery for the great WSP Mustangs as well!

Lastly, thanks to Buck McCarty, our newest SSMOA member...welcome Buck!