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Mailing from FAST (Fla. Assoc of State Troopers) showing nice custom drawing of SSP with 2 kids waving. This is still sent outl to solicit donations, obviously the Mustang made an impact!

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Ad for '84 SSP early on in the SSP program.

NYSP_Trooper_mag_cover_October_1988_th.jpg (7350 bytes)

1991 on cover of New York State Police 'The Trooper' magazine, Oct '88.

NMSP_Trooper_mag_cover_1991_th.jpg (6811 bytes)

1990 on cover of New Mexico State Police 'The Roadrunner' magazine, summer '91.

wrecked_fhp_ssp_th.jpg (5088 bytes)

Wrecked Mustang from the FHP 'Saved by the belt' calendar. Amazing he walked away!

wrecked_fhp_mustang_2_th.jpg (5504 bytes)

Yet another unfortunate Mustang that gave it's all in the line of duty..from the FHP 'Saved by the belt' calendar.

Neat CHP Poster with two Mustangs and a Helicopter...hmm..anyone seen SuperTroopers?

FHP Poster from late 80's has a nice Jetsonic shot.

Very cool Pinellas County FL Sheriff's Office poster shows 4 Mustangs! Two unmarked, 2 marked. 3 of the cars are still in the area.

Article on the NYSP Mustangs on 1988- Thanks to Eric Prince.

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