wpe25.jpg (7577 bytes)

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>> Grab bag: Not all Mustangs, but some interesting stuff:

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93_ssp_bro_cover_th.jpg (2848 bytes)

1993 SSP brochure car.  

ks_state_trp_ad_th.jpg (4438 bytes)

Recruiting ad for Kansas State Police featuring Mustang in background. I'll join only if I get to drive it!  

Pinellas_County_FL_Lincoln_MarkVII_th.jpg (4078 bytes)

Pinellas County, FL Lincoln..A most unusual police vehicle! Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.  

61_pinellas_sheriff_th.jpg (3516 bytes)

Pinellas County, FL '61 Plymouth. Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.  

wrecked_nchp_crown_vic_th.jpg (4770 bytes)

Wrecked NCHP Crown Vic..Ouch! Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.  

exotic_cruiser_th.jpg (2336 bytes)

I'd like to see someone outrun this one!  

msp_59_chevy_th.jpg (4257 bytes)

Nice shot of a 1959 Maryland State Police Chevy.  

osp_57chevy_th.jpg (4258 bytes)

1957 Chevy, Ohio Highway Patrol car.  

osp62ply_th.jpg (3548 bytes)

Another 2 door patrol car, 1962 Plymouth.  

alsp_72_javelin_th.jpg (3268 bytes)

1972 Alabama State Police AMC Javelin..Yet another 2 door police car; anyone know why many of these older cars were 2 door vehicles?  

osp_53_radar_th.jpg (4026 bytes)

Early radar setup, sometime around 1953.  

azdps_rear_marked_lng_test_veh_th.jpg (3590 bytes)

AZ DPS Natural Gas-powered test vehicle. Thanks to Brian Shuemaker  

pasp_95_dare_mustang_th.jpg (4483 bytes)

Pennsylvania State Police 1995 DARE car.  

copcar_burnout_th.jpg (2757 bytes)

Nice shot of Cop Mustang doing a burnout.  

phoenix_az_dare_racecar_th.jpg (3060 bytes)

Phoenix DARE race car with blower!  



fl_auction_list_1998_th.jpg (7767 bytes)

An auction listing from 1998..Note no less than 21 92-93 Mustangs and an SSP pic! Ahh, the good old days!  



melanies_89_ssp_racer_th.jpg (4532 bytes)

Melanie and her '89 SSP at the NMRA Nationals, Bradenton FL 3/2002. Car had a Gov't DSO of 83 and was originally equipped with an AOD/2.73 posi, Shadow Blue paint.  



ssp_racer1_th.jpg (4501 bytes)

This car actually started it's life for the FHP, and was equipped with a 5.0, 5 speed, and 3.08 posi.  



ssp_racer2_th.jpg (5413 bytes)

One more ex-SSP turned 1/4 miles screamer!  



427_Biscayne_Union_County_FL_Sheriff_th.jpg (5089 bytes)

1967 Biscayne 427 Police car that has seen better days but may be restorable with enough time, energy and of course money!.Used by Union County FL Sheriff, this vehicle is complete with intake, heads, etc. Taken 5/02.  



Speeder2_th.jpg (5295 bytes)

B4C Camaro poster.  



86_FHP_refrig_magnet_th.jpg (2429 bytes)

'86 FHP car on a refrigerator magnet!  

Semi_burning_th.jpg (3997 bytes)

Thankfully no one got hurt in this dramatic photo, Lakeland FL June 2002. Not much left of the Semi though.  

Salisbury_NC_Galaxie_1_th.jpg (4192 bytes)

Salisbury, NC Galaxie at Lowe's Speedway show, Oct, 2002. Thanks to Don Brink.  

Salisbury_NC_Galaxie_2_th.jpg (5449 bytes)

Interior Salisbury, NC Galaxie, Oct, 2002, nice period radar setup. Thanks to Don Brink.  

Carlisle_PA_02_SSP_Lineup_th.jpg (3762 bytes)

Lineup of SSP's at Carlisle, 2002 and their owners, from l-r Brian Sams '89 FHP, Dale Amonds '91 NYSP, Don Hawkins MO SSP, Matt Waldrops '92 FHP. Thanks to Dale Amond  

Carlisle_PA_02_SSP_Lineup1_th.jpg (3695 bytes)

Nice group shot of SSP's at Carlisle, 2002. Thanks to Dale Amond  

Carlisle_PA_02_MadMax_Falcon_front_th.jpg (4016 bytes)

The Mad Max machine at Carlisle, 2002. Thanks to Dale Amond  



Pinellas_Park_FL_Traffic_Stop_Aug_02_2_th.jpg (4568 bytes)

Traffic stop, Pinellas Park, FL, 66TH street(at a Dunkin Donuts..what are the odds!) Aug. '02.  



Seminole_County_FL_Sheriff_92_Caprice_th.jpg (4009 bytes)

'92 Seminole County, FL Caprice at auction, Dec. 2002..Unusual to see one this old unless it was involved in some sort of legal action.  



wrecked_FHP_CV_th.jpg (4999 bytes)

Saved by the belt for this FHP Trooper!  



trooper1_th.jpg (3293 bytes)

Former FHP SSP with some 'creative' touches. This would be against the law to drive in Florida!  



wrecked_pinellas_cruiser_th.jpg (4583 bytes)

Pinellas County Sheriff wreck at Tampa auction.  



Burned_SCHP_Cruiser_th.jpg (4379 bytes)

Not much left of this SCHP Crown Vic...  



Wrecked_SCHP_Camaro3_th.jpg (4321 bytes)

Or this 2000 B4C Camaro! At least they threw in the spare.  



Wrecked_Pinellas_County_FL_CV1_th.jpg (4533 bytes)

Does this Pinellas County Sheriff' vehicle look familiar(see 2 above)...  



CHP_55Buick_th.jpg (3090 bytes)

Noice '55 CHP Buick. Thanks to CHP ret. Dave Johnson.  



CHP_70Mercury_th.jpg (2506 bytes)

'70 CHP Merc slicktop. Thanks to CHP ret. Dave Johnson.  


uk_xevo6wallpaper_th.jpg (2577 bytes)

Cool poster of another kind of Police car. Thanks to  


wrecked_OKHP_B4C_th.jpg (4211 bytes)

What's left of an Oklahoma HP Camaro. Thanks to Adam Strader.  


MICH_State_Police_Hood_Stop_Sign_th.jpg (3452 bytes)

The classic hood-mounted stop sign used by the Michigan State Police.  


Sheriff_Hood_Stop_Sign_th.jpg (3975 bytes)

A similar version used by the Sheriff's dept in Michigan. Thanks to Dave Colvin.  
  Even the cop cars aren't safe in E. St. Louis! Thanks to Mike M.  
  Nice shot of Starsky and Hutch and Bruce Howard's MSP car, 2003. Thanks to Bruce Howard  
  This Gainesville PD cruiser fought a battle with a pole..you can guess the outcome! Thanks to Mike M.  
NEW.gif (888 bytes) FHP pulls over to lend a hand on this NYSP traffic stop..nice photo.Thanks to Joe Lutz, NYSP.  
NEW.gif (888 bytes) Nice group shot with Mass State Police Corvette in foreground! Thanks to Joe Lutz, NYSP.  

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