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Strathroy, Ontario May 2002

Photos c/o Bruce Howard.

     An all emergency vehicles show was held at Strathroy, Ontario. There were around two hundred emergency services related vehicles present, from very old restored vehicles to the chopper below, and several in-service vehicles. 3 SSP Mustangs were featured, including Joe Horvath's Texas DPS '87, Bruce Howard's 1992 Michigan State Police car, and Rob Zanussi's 1993 RCMP Mustang. 3 very fine examples of restored vehicles, enjoyed by all. I would strongly suggest that interested parties should plan to attend the event next year, the hospitality and show were great!!


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Inside at the action: From L-R Bruce's '92 MSP, Joe's '87 TX DPS, Rob's '93 RCMP.

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Another shot of all 3 vehicles.

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A flip side view!

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Something no motorist wants to see..lights and action!

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Another nice shot of lights going.

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Rob and Bruce's cars with a nice shot of a chopper in the background.