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15th Ford and Mustang Roundup, Waterford Lakes center, Feb 16th 2002, Orlando, FL.


    Rain it did! But this didn't stop a great turnout for this show outside or Orlando. There were a ton of Mustangs of all kinds, 200+ cars, a visit by SVT, the Orange County SWAT team, Fire Rescue, DJ and local radio. 3 SSP cars were present, including a '92 unmarked red FHP car, '93 unmarked Winter Park, FL car, and a yours truly's '93 FHP unmarked. Thanks to the Mid-Florida Mustang Club for hosting the show, it's really a great location with plenty of shops and cars to look at.

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2 SSP'S in a break from the rain! '93 FHP, '93 Winter Park, FL car.
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A Red, White and Reef-Blue salute! '93 Red FHP, '93 white Winter Park, FL, '93 FHP.
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Time for a beer yet?