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Mustangs and Mustangs, Fantasy of Flight, April 8-10, 2005, Lakeland, FL.


     Once again, this show proved to be a great event, even bigger this year since it was an MCA national show. The weather was perfect, and you can see the crowds were much bigger than last year. Although the planes are always cool to look at, my reason for attending is the cars. These came in all types of Mustangs and Fords, even a few Mustangs that I did not know existed! I would estimate at least 500 cars attended this event. If you're going to be in Central Florida next April, be sure to mark this down, it's well worth it!


Of course the SSP's were in attendance..we also brought a '96 FHP slicktop for the crowd.

Bernie Berrios' 1993 FHP car came from Miami, my '86 Fire Chief's vehicle also present. The crowd seemed to like the SSP's.

A couple of unmarked SSP's, my '93 Calypso Green and Mark Woodhouse restored FHP '1992. Bernie supplied the tent, a lifesaver!

Of course one would expect the '05's to be out in force, and they were, especially this neat blue/white schemed coupe.

Another '05, along with a matching Cobra set up with dual quads...nice!

Don't know who he had to bribe to get this plate but...

Once of the nice things about this show is the clubs that show up, here a cool bunch of Cougars hang out.

P51 "Cripes A'mighty", located at Fan Flight, looked simply stunning in the sun. Everyone got their photo taken on the way in with this warbird.

Here a WWII trainer shows off for the crowd.

Another neat lineup of Fords, this bunch of Falcons came in all colors, with a good sampling of years present.

Like many car lovers, Mustang people are creative..check out the wild graphics!

Another neat vehicle, this custom Mustang wagon took some creativity!

You don't typically see Cobras in orange, but this color looked awesome!

Ford was one hand as well with their hardware display that had everyone drooling!

Ever seen a 'T5' before? Neither had I. Designed for export, this rare car was beautiful. Good luck trying to get emblems!

This shot of the hangar gives you a sample of what kind of cool stuff there is to see..they added another building this year too!

Check out the crowd on the tarmac..these folks got there Friday for the cruise.

Also cool was the military gear display, these guys went all out!