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Mustangs and Mustangs, Fantasy of Flight, March 29, 2003, Lakeland, FL.


     For the second year in a row, I've attended this great show. Fantasy of Flight is just a cool place where not only can you look over vintage aircraft from around the world, you can see a couple of 4 wheel Mustangs as well! Once again the weather was perfect, and the crowd was even larger than the year before.

     The Mid-Central FL Mustang club sponsored the show, and there were over 400 cars. There were 5 SSP's this year, my '93 FHP, '86 Fire Chief car, '92 unmarked Alachua County, FL, '93 FHP former marked unit, and a '91 GSP race car. Besides the SSP's, there were Bullitt, SVT and Roush equipped cars, vintage Mustangs, Falcons, Cobras, you name it.

     There were a number of P-51 Mustang planes present this year, and they did a flyby a little later in the day, which is great to see. Also, you could go for a 15 min. ride in a WWI Biplane and check out the show from above.

     These Mid-Central folks did a great job again(and I'm not saying that becuase I took home a trophy) and this is a show you will definately want to check out next year!

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One of the nice things about this show is the ability to get some neat shots like this one, right in front of the hangar.

BBerrios_FHP_1.JPG (201552 bytes)

Bernie Berrios brought his '93 FHP from Miami. Nice car, you can see more here:

Bomber_interior_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (160041 bytes)

This WWII bomber interior would look simple by today's standards. You can get right up in many of the aircraft here.

CalSpec_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (125494 bytes)

There were several 'California Specials' on hand at the show..Here's a nice white one, note the plate.

Fan_Flight_interior_2003.JPG (156681 bytes)

Couple of future pilots..

GEEBEE_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (140774 bytes)

Little 'Gee Bee' racer looks like it's all engine!

GSP_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (158625 bytes)

Here's a '91 GSP SSP turned race car. Nice touches with the original paint. Note the Biplane taking off in the background.

Mash_Heli_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (143032 bytes)

For M*A*S*H* fans, a nice Bell bubbletop complete with markings!

P51s_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (92083 bytes)

You never get tired of seeing these P51's.There all beautifully restored, and there's no trailers for airplanes folks!

Wing_Ammo_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (109128 bytes)

50. cal guns in wing meant business during WWII!

Roush_Mustangs_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (144273 bytes)

Plenty of high performance Mustangs on hand, new and old.

SCJ_Cougar_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (178429 bytes)

Nice cougar with SCJ motor and fresh air intake, sunroof.

Spirit_of_St_Louis_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (105601 bytes)

Nice replica of the famous first Atlantic crossing plane, Spirit of St. Louis. Lindbergh flew it looking out of the small periscope in the window.

SSPS_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (152359 bytes)

'93 FHP unmarked, '86 Indian Rocks Beach FL Fire Chief vehicle, and '92 silver unmarked Alachua County Sheriff SSP's at the show.

Sunbeam_Tiger_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (158369 bytes)

'66 Sunbeam Tiger with a small block Ford shoehorned under the hood. Show was open to all Ford powered vehicles.

V8_Falcon_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (183735 bytes)

Nice early 260 V8 Falcon with plenty of chrome. The blue Torino in the background has over one MILLION miles on it!

Vintage_Mustangs_at_Fan_Flight_2003.JPG (152672 bytes)

And of course, plenty of vintage Mustangs on hand to enjoy!