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Mustangs and Mustangs, Fantasy of Flight, April 6 2002, Lakeland, FL.


     Fantasy of Flight..The name says it all! If you ever travel to Florida, like vintage warplanes, hot air balloons, and a great museum, this is a tough spot to top. Add in some incredible P51 and B25 WWII planes, a chance to get your Mustang in a rare photo-op with one, a great car show, great weather, and you can't lose!

     The Mid-Central FL Mustang club sponsored the show, and there were over 250 cars. Only one SSP showed, my '93, with many of the cars being fairly new, or vintage..not a lot of fox body cars. There were some very nice cars though, including an awesome '69 429 Boss, several customs, a more than a couple of the Bullitt, SVT and Roush equipped cars.

     Without a doubt, the Mustang planes overshadowed the cars at the show(how often does that happen?). There were 9 of these planes on hand, and to see and hear them landing and taking off is truly awesome. If you think Flowmasters make some noise, try standing next to a P51D with a Rolls-Royce 12 cylinder Merlin engine! The pilots obliged the crowd with some great aerial maneuvers.

     There only a few hundred of these planes left in the world, so of course seeing them, and the chance to have your car photographed (for free no less) is something you just can't pass up. We also managed to stick around and squeeze in a couple of extra shots of our own. This is a great show, if you're going to be in FL next April, don't miss it, whether you've got a ride to show or not. Just look for the guy bailing out of the DC-3 along I-4 near Disney!

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A lucky SSP and his owner pose in front of some heroes of times past..P51 Mustangs, B24, B25 bombers.

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The show was open to all Fords, here's a 1994 Crown Vic Police Interceptor.

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Mustang and Mustangs! Don't suppose I could take one in the 1/4 mile, do you?

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Couple of Ford's mid 90's players in the Police Package arena. The weather couldn't have been any better for this show.

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The 'Apache Princess', a WWII vintage bomber...Awesome restoration that took 10 years to complete!

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Some nifty artwork..makes you want to enlist doesn't it? Note the ship and rail engine kills recorded.

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Awesome lineup of vintage P51's! You have to hear and see these to really appreciate them.

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A trio of P51's in action for the crowd!