1992 CHP Mustang EVOC vehicle

A rare, low mileage vehicle used for training by the CHP!

     CHP used the largest quantity of SSP Mustangs of any state agency during the 11 year program, starting in 1982 and running through 1993. As expected, officers received in-depth training before being given the Mustang or other patrol vehicles. To train these CHP personnel, special vehicles used for training, 'EVOC' as commonly known, were used. These were similar in nature to patrol vehicles, but were equipped with atypical options like rollbars and special race harnesses; also, certain items were deleted such as spotlight handles. Additionally, interesting touches like deletion of typical quarter mounted whip antenna and the use of older round style Dietz lights are unique. As one can imagine, with their life being limited to track use, these vehicles were used for many years but did not accumulate much mileage ( but a lot of tire wear!!)

     The vehicle below was purchased directly from the CHP by Charles Ricks of Calif. and can be seen in fresh 'out of service' trim below. It recently was acquired by John Malloy of Massachusetts, and the car has less then 30K miles on it to date! John will be restoring this vehicle to in service trim. Enjoy the photos and comments below provided by Charles Ricks and Tom Vigil, taken in 1999 at the CHP Academy in Sacramento.

Images 1-3 c/o Charles Ricks; images 4-12 c/o Tom Vigil.

For a great look at CHP Mustangs and other vehicles on the track, click here: (large download 25 MB)

EVOC_exterior_and_interior.jpg (97741 bytes)

1) Note rollbar and decals. White doors painted over after being sold.

EVOC_engine.jpg (133258 bytes)

2) 2 views of the 28K mile 5.0 motor.

EVOC_Tires.jpg (83620 bytes)

3) Sticker from original XP tires.

4) Interior shot of 1992 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. Note the custom painted roll bar. This is not bolted in, itís welded in! Nice touch with the Simpson safety restraints.   . .
5) Exterior driver side shot of 1992 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. Note the missing center caps on the 10 hole rims. Although itís primarily for safety precautions, Iím thinking they lost their fair share of center caps from rim deflection trying to hit a 1G slide coming around those turns!
6) Passenger side shot of 1992 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. A CHP officer had just parked the car and you could feel the heat radiating from the tires. These guys had lots of fun!
7) Rear view shot of 1992 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. Note the Red-Amber-Blue rear deck lights.
8) Interior shot of 1989 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. Note the deleted spotlight shaft handles.
9) Interior shot taken at different angle of 1989 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. A bit more roll bar safety foam padding than the í92.
10) Exterior passenger rear angle view of 1989 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. Same rear deck light setup as 1992 car.
11) Exterior driver rear angle view of 1989 CHP EVOC SSP Mustang. Now thatís a serious roll bar!
12) Chevrolet 9C1 Caprice, 1989 EVOC SSP Mustang, and 1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Nice lineup.

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Updated 01.22.07