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Silver Springs Ford and Mustang Roundup, Jan 2006, Ocala, FL.

    The MCA, with help from National Parts Depot, sponsors the Silver Springs Roundup held each January at Silver Springs in Ocala, FL. This event is fast becoming one of the premier Mustang events in the Southeast each year. Sponsored by NPD of Ocala, registration is free to the first 1000 cars, including two tickets to the park. This year, there were over 1400 cars registered! Although the weather was cold in the AM (30's!), the day warmed up nicely. There was a nice turnout of SSP's present this year, 7 in all, marked and unmarked. If you're in the area next year I would encourage you to try and attend, it's a great event!

     Here's some highlights of the 2006 show:

Here's a look at the SSP's in attendance..7 in all, from all over FL, GA, and even Ohio! It was damn cold in the AM!!

My '82 next to Jim Young's '92, which he trailered down from Ohio...some similarities, but you can see how much CHP changed equipment in 10 years! 4 speed vs. 5 speed, 14" vs. 15" wheels, different color 'E' plates just for starters.

Here's a another comparison. 1992 was the first year for the lightstik in the rear deck, and rear deck lights. Rear quarter whip and roof antenna are the same.
Gregg Henderson was there from GA with his spotless '88 red SCHP car sporting some neat mods. Nice combination of colors. MJ Collier photo
Here's a plate that fits this SSP to a 'T'! MJ Collier photo
Bob Egleston's 1992 FHP car was there. Bob recently acquired this SSP and it looked great.
And another plate that is tailor made for an SSP!!
Oscar Paz was also on hand from Miami with his '1993 CHP, which looked excellent.
Shot from the rear. This car also had correct rear decks like Jim's '92. MJ Collier photo
Bernie Berrios from Miami brought two SSP's, this one a 1993 Rome GA unmarked SSP in rare Calypso Green. Very nice car.
And Bernie's other SSP, '93 FHP 5 speed, formerly a marked car but now all black...very nice.

There were 3 other SSP's at the show. This former GSP car had a sad story-the young man who owned it started to restore it, but was killed by a drunk driver. His parents picked up the effort and finished the job in memory of their son..way to go! MJ Collier photo

No, it wasn't all SSP's at Ocala!! Here's a very nice (rare color) coupe that was spotless.
'INSANE' best sums up this Boss 429 powered Beast...awesome power.
Not all Mustangs or cars at the show...check out the Flathead powered bike!! Very cool.
There were several GT-40's on display in the main stage area..they drew a crowd all day.
Here's the powerplant...you know what? At least it's easy to get to everything!! These cars are incredible.
Another group represented this year was this group of Lightning owners...nice custom flames on the closest truck.
Awesome vintage power, factory lightweight Thunderbolt racer...there were actually two present! This one had all kinds of documentation with it.

Here's a view of the main showfield...cars were scattered all over the grounds. Rick Schmidt of NPD, the event's sponsor, is next to the Saleen. The cars in the fenced-in area were all part of NPD's collection, including the yellow Fairmont in the background, the 100 millionth Ford built!!

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