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Silver Springs Ford and Mustang Roundup, Jan 2005, Ocala, FL.


     Another January in Florida, and that means of course the Silver Springs roundup in Ocala. Sponsored by National Parts Depot in Ocala, this show has gotten huge, and for good reason-it's a great setting, usually nice weather, includes two passes to the park, and it's free!! Friday's event includes the Pony Trails cruise where a group of cars get together for a day long trip (this year over to Cedar Key), then the two day show event on the weekend. This year there were cars parked everywhere, well over 1000 in attendance, and you name, it was present! The weather was warmer than past years, high 70's, which I think helped spur such a good turnout.

     Here's some highlights of the 2005 show:

Here's our SSMOA local chapter showing off their SSP's. 4 SSP's in attendance, Mark Woodhouse's 92 restored FHP, Bernie Berrios' '93 FHP 5 speed, and my '93 and '86 Fire Chief vehicle.

Another shot of the SSMOA group. Notice the Tomar strobes on Mark's car, used only on a few FHP cars, these are the original units.
The paint on this GSP '91 looked nice, bit of a mod with wheels and engine, but still sporting spotlight.
There's 3 notchbacks here if you look close. Of course, the 'SSP test' was conducted but these were just nice 5.0 LX's. I noticed more these year that usual, with several other on the park, I think maybe a dozen total including ours.
Restored NASCAR Holman Moody Galaxie, very nice.
In the 'I don't get no respect' department, this Pinto may not be every collector's dream, but it was immaculate, and how many do you see?
Very nice Falcon small block with rare red interior.
Another car you don't see many of , Mavericks were plentiful at this show!
Of course, the center stage was occupied by the newest member of the Mustang family. These '05's had a crowd nearby all day.
Another cool car is the small block powered Sunbeam..again, I can't recall seeing so many rare cars in one spot. There were cars just parked everywhere this year!
GT 350 clone sports nice custom paint and wheels.
This GT350 was outstanding and a nice unusual color and super low miles to boot.
Variety abounds here at Silver Springs, evidenced by the '53 2 door wagon, Crown Vic convertible, and Torino in the middle...again, not the usual car show stuff.
Of course, besides the cars there's some great scenery, including the famous 'glass bottom boats'. If you look close here, you'll see one of the park's full time residents hiding near the fence!
This Grizzly was keeping his cool...hate to see him get past the fences!