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Silver Springs Ford and Mustang Roundup, Jan 10-11 2004, Ocala, FL.


     Another January brings another great Mustang show to Silver Springs, FL. This show this year was cool...I mean really cool, like freezing! We went on Sunday, and I could tell attendance was way below last year. I think the temp was in the 40's at about 9AM, not what we're used to here in the Sunshine State. It warmed up nicely by around 1PM, but I think it kept the cars away, I was estimating 'only' 300 cars or so on Sunday..still a good turnout! Anyway, a nice selection of all kinds of Fords, mostly Mustangs this year, but if you're a Ford guy it's tough to miss this event. NPD sponsored the show as usual, and awarded the trophies at the end.

     Here's some highlights of the 2004 show:

Unlike last year, we had no trouble getting a neat spot..right in front of the Fire truck. I bet they wish they had a 5.0 to race to the fires with way back when!

You don't see many Mavericks anymore, especially with a 302, wild flames, and side pipes!

The Cougar guys were there in force..Note the variety of colors. I've always liked these cars.

2000 Cobra R had the window sticker, brand new. $54K? Yikes!

This bear wore a path walking back and forth, back and forth...glad there's a moat there!

Couple of the locals just 'hanging out'..

The Pro-streeter got Best of Show..it deserved it too. Sounded as bad as it looks!

Looking over the show field, you can see there was plenty of space. Nice 60's fastback, convertible, coupe.

As usual, there weren't a lot of four-eyed Notchbacks. Here's a couple of nice examples

I really liked this car..how could you not? Pristine. Forget the yellow Mustangs guys..I'll take orange anytime!

Another view from the show field. The cars that did show were all top notch.

The Ford folks brought their crate engines and had every one drooling...

My two SSP's down by the water.