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Silver Springs Ford and Mustang Roundup, Jan 11-12 2003, Ocala, FL.


     Silver Springs, FL, just outside of Ocala, FL, (central part of the state) is a cool place to visit..and it's a very cool place for a car show! Every year in Jan there is a huge Ford Powered show held here. Not only Mustangs, but Thunderbolts, Panteras, you name, you'll see it if it's got Henry's name on the valve covers! NPD sponsors the show, and there's over 1000 cars here as well as coverage from Mustang Monthly, & 'My Classic Car' too!

     If you get get tired of all the awesome Ford powered stuff present here every year(not easy to do), you can check out the glass bottom boats, wild life safari, animal exhibits, and all the neat stuff here to see. It's a great place for a show, just get there early!

     Here's some highlights of the 2003 show:

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Red, White and Blue(OK--It's blue-green) SSP salute! There were 2 other SSP's at the show as well, we managed to wangle into our own little spot. Weather was perfect, cool and sunny.

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Here's a view of the awesome grounds at Silver Springs..You can see all the cars spread out under the old trees around the water. There's no shortage of cars to look at.

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The famous 'glass bottom boats' of Silver Springs give visitors a glimpse into another world.

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Some lawn ornaments who got away!

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Nice retractable hardtop. I would have opted for the 'Bud' cooler myself.

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'93 Ex-FHP car with a slightly custom touch.

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Nice Ford Super Stocker Mustang.

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Dual Quad Galaxie..Gotta love the early factory Hi-po stuff.

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Here's Oscar Paz's awesome CHP resto. This is always a nice car to see. The car to the left of maroon coupe is a genuine Police Package.

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Chillin' in the shade..

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This would make a nice piece for the Fire Chief's car..

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Alachua County Sheriff and their 10 second SSP made the event.

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Some of the not-so-friendly local residents.

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Watch it Mark, he looks hungry!