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Saleen Factory Tour, July, 2003, Irvine, CA.

Photos and text by Don Brink.

     Saleen has long been known for Mustang Performance. It seems that the action just keeps getting hotter and hotter with the Saleen folks..From street driven heat like the S281, to the all-out S7, there's no doubt as to what the Steve and his guys do..

    Don took a tour while in LA this year, and listed below is just a taste of what it's like to check out some of the awesome examples that Saleen produces..enjoy!


There are two places your Saleen will come from when you order one.  Either when you order yours, Ford will drop ship it to the facility here in Irvine, CA or Saleen has an agreement will certain dealers where they can choose from this pool of GT mustangs that they keep on hand in Irvine.

This is where the GTís come to slowly get converted over to Saleens; it seems like a simple operation.  All the GTís are converted in this room.

So that is how they make those bumper covers?

This S7 is being built from the ground up.

This vehicle is only one of two that will be built for the year. Powertrain will be the s281-e and the body will be a wide body Saleen. Only about $175,000 for this car. The color is 'Saleen Extreme Rainbow Paint', retail cost is $11,500 for the paint only!

Quite a stack of cylinder heads, pistons, rods, and cranks..talk about killer engine innards! There's also a nice aluminum block hiding in the far corner..

Supercharger Heaven!

Motor for an S7.

Gotta like the look of these pipes!

I am told the carbon fiber alone in this car is costs $100,000 alone!

This is Steve Saleenís daily driver, an s281-e. You have to love that color, itís called ĎBerilliumí.

This gentleman went on a test drive and I asked him if he was sold and he said YES! They start out with a base price of ONLY $375,000 and the waiting list is only 1 year. I am told est. top speed is 240 mph.

This Saleen is getting its wheels and it is done!

This would make a great banner for any garage!