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Pinellas County Sheriff's Make-A-Wish show, Largo, FL, Sat. April 5, 2003.

     The weather was beautiful for the first annual Make-a-Wish foundation benefit held at the Pinellas Sheriff's Dept. HQ on Ulmerton Road in Largo, FL. Although the turnout was only about 60 cars, there was a mix of very neat Police and military vehicles. Several thousand dollars was raised to help make things a little bit better for a young boy and his family. If you're in the area next year, be sure to mark this on your calendar, it's a very worthy cause and they make it a very nice event.

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A lineup of B4C Camaros. 98 1LE on the end has only 8K miles on it! There weren't any SSP's at the show, and a mix of older/newer Mustangs

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Sheriff_Dakota_front.JPG (171468 bytes)

This Dakota is used by Pinellas County for 'stealth' traffic enforcement. Note the blue lights in the bumper replacing stock driving lights.

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Sheriff_Dakota_interior.JPG (143163 bytes)

Here's a nice shot of the interior. Note Pro-Laser III handheld  and stationary radar, VDT, PA300, Motorola, etc.

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Sheriff_Dakota_rear.JPG (145862 bytes)

Shot from the rear, the truck bed 'lifts' to display this trick setup with blue/yellow strobes. Vehicle runs a plain tag, once you pass this guy, too late!

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Peacekeeper_front.JPG (159499 bytes)

The 'Peacekeeper' was there, ready to quell the rioting mob in front of the free hot dog stand!

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Peacekeeper_interior.JPG (89146 bytes)

Interior shot of this Heavy Duty vehicle.

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Sheriff_62_Plymouth_front.JPG (167756 bytes)

Nicely restored '62 Plymouth next to older Dodge Diplomat.

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Sheriff_Diplomat_front.JPG (130008 bytes)

A closer look at the restored Diplomat. With the 318 powerplant, these made very durable Police vehicles..Where did they all go?

Pinellas_Cty_FL_Sheriff_Diplomat_rear.JPG (130178 bytes)

Nice rear view of both of these. The '62 was actually recovered in a chop-shop raid, and restored!

Pinellas_Cty_FL_DARE_PT_Cruiser.JPG (167433 bytes)

One of the DARE vehicles was also on display.

K9_demo.JPG (182845 bytes)

Dep. Kubler put on an impressive display for the crowd with his Shepherd 'Brawn'.

Military_vehicles_at_Make_A_Wish_2003_3.JPG (186563 bytes)

There was a nice array of vintage Military vehicles as well. These were DRIVEN to the show!

BUDYZER_Plate.JPG (158804 bytes)

Ah Yes..Florida, land of vanity license plates. I think the deputy driving the Dakota will keep his eye out for this guy! It's spelled BUDYZER..