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A trip through Old Gold cars, Old Town, FL


     Well, I try to maintain Mustang or Law enforcement related stuff on this site, but every once in a while I come across something cool to share, so get ready for a tour of a very unique salvage yard. 'Old Gold' is a large salvage yard located in Old Town (not the one in Kissimmee) on the Gulf Coast side of Florida, and they have an enormous variety of cars and trucks from the 30's to the 70's. Makes of all kinds can be seen here, from complete/parts, rusty/solid, rare/common to everything in between. It's a cool place even if there no Fox bodies lurking in the yard, but you may see some earlier Mustangs worth a closer look!

    I hope you'll find these pics interesting, for more info on checking this yard out in person, visit their website at http://oldgoldcars.com.


'58 Chevy sits among the trees, along with some earlier and later Chevys. There were several '58's in the yard.

The '67 Biscayne has a 427 big block, still under the hood! Decal says Union County FL Sheriff. It's definitely a restorable car, still has the 5" spotlight!

Everything's organized in sections..check out the tailfins on this '58 Buick Special and the one to the right! These are big vehicles! Couple of neat Mopars over in back.

Monte Carlo in foreground, Nova in back, '60 Chevy convertible in back.

Another '58 four door.

More early Chevy's, the body on the middle one was pretty solid.

How often do you see an Edsel Villager wagon? This car was complete and could have been saved.

Some of the older entries towards the back of the field..Toothy Buick grins in the grass.

Early Olds is complete, just missing a headlight.

'57 Nomad body, 2 door version.

Another '57 Nomad, this one a 4 door.

Check out the cool collection of trucks. The weeds are claiming these, but if you're ambitious enough...
This Plymouth Coupe had a V8, probably a cool vintage rod in it's day.
Check out the cool coral and black scheme on the right..screams 50's big time!
More Tri-Chevy's, '57 and a '56.