Orange County Sheriff's Office 9/11 Memorial show, Orlando, FL, Sat. April 23, 2005.

     The 2nd annual 9/11 memorial show sponsored by the OCSO was held at the Orlando Fairgrounds, 4/23/05, and this year there was a very nice assortment of emergency vehicles, old and new, as well as plenty of muscle and classic cars, and quite a few unique vehicles. It was a fund raiser for the families of 9/11 victims and raised quite a bit of money through the car show, auctions, and 50/50 raffle sales. We stayed at the show most of the day, and then brought all the vehicles over to the weekly cruise at Old Town (Kissimmee) which usually attracts 500-600 cars and lots of spectators. They asked us to lead the parade through town at dusk Code 3, which was fun but I don't think we made many friends among the people lining the street!

     Although the weather came down in buckets briefly, it was still an enjoyable day, mark it on your calendar if you happen to be in the Central FL area next year.

The day started off early, and the 'guests' leaving the Pinellas Jail down the street got a bit nervous I think...

Of course a Buddy Freddy's stop had to be made on the way, as you imagine we got quite a few looks on the way..this is not something you see every day!

This '73 Mercury conjures up images of Hawaii was used by the Marion County FL Sheriff's office. Check out the actual numbered plate for the Sheriff, 14 for the county!

Nice interior shot, this was a civilian vehicle but they used 4 of them for duty.

A couple of our vehicles, '74 CHP Monaco, '91 Alachua SO CV, '97 Pinellas SO Camaro.

This '48 Ford from St. Johns County FL sports an enormous fender light/siren and roof light! Cool car.

A few more of our vehicles. The '55 Chevy next to me won best vintage Police vehicle..hmmm...

Best newer Police vehicle was Scott Waszak's '93 FHP car in black, he has just over 70k miles on this very clean car. The magnetic decals are nice but need to come up on the fender a bit.

Not only cars, check out some of the Motor Squad guys with their rides!

Check out the matching DARE  truck and Bike from Longwood, FL...The officer that drives this has a great setup! Killer stereo system.

Alachua County brought one of their 5 Marauders along with their well known Beat The Heat '92 SSP car.

OOO-RAH! Custom USMC truck with mascot.

There weren't a ton of Mustangs at this show, since there was a Mustang show in Jacksonville the same day, but here a bunch of Galaxie owners hang out.

Wild purple Stude Commander..nice custom work, leather and paint!

Yup, it's got a Hemi...awesome GTX in a rare color.

There was no shortage of incredible show vehicles, as this 348 tri power convertible and the 409 next to it illustrate!

How many 'Lafayettes' do you see? Not many, and '36 this was kind of neat. Very original car.

Florida is home to lots of schools, including the U of F Gators..Think this guy's a fan? Nice rod.

No mustard jokes please..this Rolls was beautiful, and was a big hit at Old Town as well.

Nope, not a 10-50, just a bit 'lost'...People coming over the hump from Disney were a bit surprised...

And at Old Town, after the rain, a light show for the car show folks..The PCSO '88 Diplomat is in front. There are lots of cool cars here weekly, check out the Nash Metropolitan peeking out from left!