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Mustang 45th Anniversary, Barber Motorsports Complex, Birmingham, AL, Apr 17-19 2009

All pics taken by Mike Riley unless otherwise noted.


    Mustang - 45th. All one can say is 'wow'! Once again Barber Motorsports, outside of Birmingham, AL was host to a major Mustang/MCA event, with the 45th anniversary of the Mustang taking place over a 3 day period. Over 2000 Mustangs and in excess of 35,000 spectators turned out for this incredible event. Not only was it a huge success for Mustangs, with attendees worldwide, but this show boasted over 25 SSP's, a new record for us as a group!

    The weather being in April was perfect, much cooler than the 2006 show, with plenty of parking and as usual being very well organized by the MCA and the host club. Ford Motor Company President and CEO Alan Mulally was in hand with bright red sweater to open the event and say hello to the Mustang faithful. There really was something for everyone at the this event; rows of vendors, track events, and of course, outstanding Mustangs and Ford vehicles turned this event into an outstanding gathering! You could spend all day looking at the vendor items and displays and still not even see the show field. The facility is one very large area, with trolleys to take you around the perimeter, which were most welcome and packed during the event.

    With the kind of success this event had, who knows what the 50th will hold in store? Here's some highlights of the 2009 show - click on the image or link for more photos:


Show Highlights Thursday Night Show Cruise SSP Mustangs at the 45th



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