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MCA 30th Anniversary, Barber Motorsports Complex, Birmingham, AL, Aug 31-Sep 2 2006

    The MCA celebrated it's 30th anniversary at the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL during Labor Day weekend. This was an outstanding event, with lots of activities to keep participants busy during the show, including a car show, track events, a cruise to Homewood near Birmingham, and plenty of vendors. The weather was HOT, as one would imagine during this time of year for this locale, but nice. No rain, so this really helped for an excellent turnout of over 1000 show cars. We managed to avoid the threat of Hurricane Ernesto which at first glance looked to be heading directly towards AL but veered away at the last minute.

    The local Mustang club in Birmingham helped organize the event, and they did a great job. Not only were each participant's spaces numbered, but there was no hassle getting in or out of the show, and all the track events ran smoothly. The cruise to downtown Homewood Thursday evening was not only accompanied by a police escort, but a huge birthday cake for everyone to help the MCA celebrate! Great time, and this was covered by a flyover from local news as well as the History channel for a future segment on the Mustang.

     Here's some highlights of the 2006 show - click on the image or link for more photos:

Show Highlights Thursday Night Show Cruise SSP Mustangs at the 30th



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