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The 25TH Anniversary MCA show, Sept 27-30, 2001


    The Mustang Club of America put on a show at the Atlanta Dragway on Sept 27-30, 2001. The show included for the first time a class just for SSP Mustangs. Thanks to a great effort by Tony Scharp of Houston, TX to convince the MCA to add the category. Over the weekend there were 14 SSP's in attendance with cars from GA(3), FL(6), TX(3), CA(1) and NY(1). The cars made for a great display with Tony, Tom and Darin taking their Texas DPS cars all the way from Texas in full trim. Darin and Sylvie win the 'longest distance' award making the trip all the way from Lubbock, Texas, a 22 hour drive! People also came from as far as Indianapolis (Jack and Annelisa), Louisville (Bill), Lancaster, PA (Tom and Donna), and Miami (Oscar)! I felt like a local having only driven 550 Mi. from Clearwater, FL.

    The weather was simply awesome, sunny and nice, and there were over a 1000 Mustangs of all types at the show. Having such a good turnout for the first year class made the MCA folks happy, and seeing this many different SSP cars from all over made for a great display. The detail on everyone car's was incredible. Many had working lights, sirens, radar, etc. and it was quite a sight to see them all lined up for display. Several people actually wanted to have their own Mustangs photographed being 'pulled over' by one of the marked units!

    The prototype models from GMP which will be out later this year were on hand for an up-close inspection as well. These are really nice models..the TX DPS '92 which is based on Tony's car will be available first, with the GA State Patrol version next. If you are considering purchasing one of these, you won't be disapppointed, the detail is really excellent.

    I used all the space my digital camera will hold at the show, please enjoy the photos of the vehicles. Because of the bright sun that day, I had some trouble viewing the LCD, so I may have more photos of some cars than others. If you see your vehicle and want to add any other information or a photo, please drop me an email. Thanks!

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SSP's on the dragway field!

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A lineup of SSP's!

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Owner's cars at the show!

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Frank Ellis, Odenville, AL
  • '92 FHP 5.0/5 speed, Unit 1008, 109K miles.

bill_90_nysp_ext1_th.jpg (7217 bytes)

Bill Gill, Louisville, KY
  • '92 NYSP 5.0/5 speed, 16K miles.
  • Car was purchased with only 40 miles from dealer; the NYSP refused delivery due to the vehicles not having power windows and locks.
  • Car has been in family since new.

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bill_90_nysp_ext3_th.jpg (7894 bytes) bill_90_nysp_int1_th.jpg (8089 bytes) bill_90_nysp_sticker1_th.jpg (6377 bytes)

tom_donna_fhp_1526_ext2_th.jpg (8153 bytes)

Tom and Donna Gouldy, Lancaster, PA
  • '89 FHP marked 5.0/5 speed, 91K miles.
  • Owned 6 years, marked as unit 1526.
  • Custom made door and trunklid decals with special super-thin magnetic backing.

tom_donna_fhp_1526_ext1_th.jpg (8914 bytes)

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greg_89_fhp_ext1_th.jpg (8109 bytes)

Greg Henderson, Warner-Robins, GA
  • '89 FHP marked 5.0/5 speed, 87K miles.
  • Daily driver to work(without light bar).
  • Engine rebuilt in 2001, dynoed at the show, 267HP/292 Ft.Lbs Torque.

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jack_gsp_505_ext1_th.jpg (7183 bytes)

Jack and Margie Houston, Marietta, GA
  • '91 GSP 5.0/AOD, 91K miles.
  • Owned since '96.
  • Marked as Unit 505 with fully functioning electronics.

jack_gsp_505_ext2_th.jpg (6928 bytes)

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jack_annelisa_fhp_969_ext2_th.jpg (8317 bytes)

Jack and Annelisa Jamison, Indianapolis, IN
  • '92 FHP marked 5.0/5 speed.
  • Marked as Unit 0969 with fully functioning electronics.
  • Car was purchased in May 2000.
  • Unit was stationed in Orlando and retired in 1998.

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tom_89_txdps_ext2_th.jpg (8744 bytes)

Tom Mallette, Houston, TX
  • '89 TX DPS marked 5.0/5speed, 239K miles.
  • Owned since Nov '91.
  • Painted gray by Texas before Auction, Tom kept the car the same color.
  • Marked unit with fully functioning electronics.

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bob_sheila_fhp_84_ext1_th.jpg (8779 bytes)

Bob and Shiela Nix, Pensacola, FL
  • '84 FHP marked 5.0 4 bbl carb/5 speed, 137K miles.
  • Owned 5 years.
  • Marked unit with fully functioning electronics.

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oscar_chp_1_th.jpg (7084 bytes)

Oscar Paz, Miami, FL
  • '93 CHP slicktop, 5.0/5 speed.
  • Oscar worked with the CHP on restoration advice for this vehicle.
  • Marked unit with fully functioning electronics, including electronic shotgun holder.

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darren_93_tx_dps_ext1_th.jpg (7493 bytes)

Darin & Sylvie Putman, Lubbock, TX
  • '93 TX DPS marked 5.0/5speed, 118K miles.
  • Marked unit with fully functioning electronics.

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mike_fhp_198_ext1_th.jpg (7765 bytes)

Mike Riley, Clearwater, FL
  • '93 FHP unmarked 'reef blue' paint, 5.0/AOD, 97K miles.
  • Owned since Feb. '00.
  • Car has lived it's life in Troop E, Miami as Unit 0198.

mike_fhp_198_ext2_th.jpg (6794 bytes)

tony_89_tx_dps_ext1_th.jpg (7659 bytes)

Tony Scharp, Houston, TX
  • '88 TX DPS 5.0/AOD.
  • Car used as prototype for GMP upcoming model.
  • Marked unit with fully functioning electronics.
  • Includes special deputy!

charles_gsp_ext1_th.jpg (6998 bytes)

Charles Walker, Grayson, GA
  • '91 GSP 5.0/AOD 14K miles.
  • 'Semi' marked as unit 278 with fully functioning electronics.

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