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Fun Ford weekend, June 7-9th 2002, Gainesville, FL.


    Fun Ford weekends are held at racetracks throughout the country. These are generally a combination of racing, car show and vendor stuff. A lot of manufacturers show up with neat rides from Saleen, Roush, SVT, etc. These shows are very enjoyable because they give you so mush to do. Gainesville FL hosted one the weekend of June 7-9 2002. We attended Sunday, and the car show turnout was a bit light, with only about 30 cars. The weather called for rain and heat, good old Florida summer traits (although it's technically not summer yet!), both of which occurred, so this helped keep attendance down. In between watching some good heads up racing, we checked out some of the race cars, especially those which were once in-service Police Mustangs, as well as some of the car show entries.

    One of the coolest vehicles present was the Alachua County, FL Sheriffs' 1992 Mustang. This car is part of the 'Beat the Heat' program nationwide, which is aimed at keeping kids out of trouble by interaction with racing. It's pretty cool stuff that's grown by leaps and bounds and you can check it out here:

    Here's a sampling of photos from the event.

Alachua_County_FL_SSP_racer_front1.JPG (111405 bytes)

One bad 'S' Ex-SSP. Car was built from former Alachua SO Mustang.

Alachua_County_FL_SSP_racer_interior.JPG (89486 bytes)

Interior that still includes Certified speedo..nice touch! Note Monster tach wiring routed through where radar used to sit. Car has full complement of race electronics.

Alachua_County_FL_SSP_racer_rear1.JPG (108471 bytes)

Rear shot with the 'Beat the Heat' logo. Car still has original yellow Sheriffs tag!

Alachua_County_FL_SSP_racer_side.JPG (82317 bytes)

Alachua County paints all their vehicles with this unique green and white scheme..the race car's no different! Note full functional lightbar and graphics.

Alachua_County_FL_SSP_racer_engine1.JPG (102826 bytes)

This 392" stroker is one bad boy! The cars run a best of 10.70 with only a single pass to date! Note trick valve covers small Sheriff's star..these guys did a great job detailing.

Alachua_County_FL_SSP_racer_with_Ex_FHP_cars4.JPG (113440 bytes)

Here's lineup you don't see everyday..Mark Woodhouse's '92 FHP, Alachua County '92, Mike Riley's '93 FHP.

Davie_FL_86_racer1.jpg (102933 bytes)

Davie, FL officer Ron Bradley has his own Beat The Heat candidate..This little SSP looked great and hooked up.

Davie_FL_86_racer2.jpg (84503 bytes)

Rear shot of the SSP notchback turned racer...Too bad they didn't go with a Whelen low profile instead of the Fed Signal!

Davie_FL_SSP_at_track.jpg (85454 bytes)

Heads up action!

GSP_race_ssp.JPG (106174 bytes)

Georgia State Patrol SSP turned racer/showcar; this was a cool looking ride. The car next to it as a genuine 427 Thunderbolt.

Silver_SSP_racer.JPG (99637 bytes)

This was a really clean ex-Patrol car.