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Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration, April 15-18th 2004, Nashville, TN.



    The Mustang Club of America teamed up to hold a 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Nashville SuperSpeedway on April 15-18, 2004.  I was expecting a big turnout, but nothing like this-over 3,300 Mustangs, a huge vendor area, people (and their cars) from everywhere around the globe, all showing up to wish the Mustang a Happy 40th! It was an incredible event, almost as large (or maybe bigger) than the 100th last year in terms of cars.

    There was plenty of stuff to do besides look at cars though...an Open Track event where people were running both vintage and late models flat out, a big vendor area, a cruise to downtown Nashville for Mustangs only, Grand Ole Opry, Dinner cruises on the river...just not enough time! We did manage to sneak in a least a couple of cold ones during all this anyway.

    The weather was absolutely perfect every day, 80 and sunny, few clouds. There was plenty of parking for everyone, and the SSP'ers managed to get a primo spot near the grandstand (and shade!). Speaking of SSP's, we had the biggest turnout yet, 19 cars, and it was great to finally catch up with some of the people known only in cyberspace before. In case you wonder about how serious the SSP group are about their cars, check out the table below-people came from all over to be a part of this event. I am definitely glad we managed to make it.

    I would rate the event as excellent overall, although there were a few rough spots. The display area was on gravel for most of the cars, a fact that didn't sit too well with some of the participants. I don't think there was any way around it though, since the open track event was taking place most of the day, and there was some concern over the safety issue with having cars parked in the infield during this. Also, parking seemed hit or miss but we managed to make the best of it.

    What can I say, except start packing for the 2005 show in Charlotte! It was a truly awesome event. I know the MCA group put a lot of hard work into an event this size and their efforts were appreciated.

    I've split the links into sections for easier navigation, starting with the trip up on Tuesday/Wed and the show dates of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Although it officially ended Sunday, we didn't stick around, which is too bad because Charlie Daniels performed in the afternoon...maybe if someone has photos for Sunday and can send them, I can post them.

    Enjoy the photos!


List of SSP cars at the show:

Name: Year/Agency: From:
Dale Amond 1991 New York State Police New York
Stu Blank 1990 Santa Clara CA Sheriff's Office New Jersey
Don Brink 1993 Ford Demo Vehicle North Carolina
Scott and Teresa Castle 1993 Florida Highway Patrol Ohio
Rob and Melissa Christman 1989 Texas DPS Florida
Steve and Debby Collins 1988 Arizona DPS Oklahoma
Mark Cool 1985 Kentucky State Police Kentucky
Tom and Donna Gouldy 1989 Florida Highway Patrol Pennsylvania
Jack and Annelisa Jamison 1992 Florida Highway Patrol Indiana
Tom and Cheryl Mallette 1989 Texas DPS Texas
Ron Mahoy 1989 Indiana State Police Indiana
John Malloy 1992 Florida Highway Patrol Massachusetts
Kelly McCloud 1990 Kentucky State Police Kentucky
Darin and Sylvie Putman 1993 Texas DPS Texas
Mike and Kathy Riley 1986 Indian Rocks Beach, FL Fire Dept. Florida
Brian Sams 1989 Florida Highway Patrol Maryland
Tony Scharp 1988 Texas DPS Texas
Mark Woodhouse 1992 Florida Highway Patrol, unmarked Florida
Jim Young 1993 Florida Highway Patrol Ohio


The trip to Nashville Thursday at the 40th Friday at the 40th Saturday at the 40th