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Faulkner Pontiac-Buick-GMC in West Chester, PA Sept. 13, 2002

Thanks to Tom and Donna Gouldy for photos and text.


Faulkner Police Car Cruise Night

    The 7th annual Police Vehicle Cruise Night was held at Faulkner Pontiac-Buick-GMC in West Chester, Pennsylvania on Friday, September 13th. The Faulkner dealership is located at the "Westtown Auto Park" at Route 202 and Westtown Road, just south of State Route 30 and just east of Philadelphia in the southeastern part of the state.

    This is a very unique event that is open to all police vehicles, active and retired, with trophies awarded in several categories. The show is very patriotic and family oriented with plenty to do and see for everyone and is growing bigger every year. There is food, balloons for the kids and gifts for the police vehicle participants. This year the gift was a small Teddy Bear wearing a "Smokey" hat. Of special interest for the kids was the participation of a mounted police unit that continually rode through the crowd with their six beautiful horses. There are motorcycles, mobile command units, paddy wagons, SUV's, Vans and cars of every possible manufacturer and configuration, both old and new. There was also a helicopter landing, take-off and fly-by demonstration to the delight of all.

    The police vehicle award categories are Best Active Patrol Car, Best Special Purpose Vehicle, Best D.A.R.E. Vehicle, Best SUV, Best Traffic Unit, Best Police Department Display, Best Graphics, Best Police Motorcycle and Best Retired Police Vehicle. There is also an award for the department with the largest number of participants.

    At 8:00 PM, all vehicles "light 'em up" for a silent tribute to the victims of September 11 and for all fallen police officers. This display is awesome - imagine almost 100 police vehicles with roof lights, strobes, wig wags, traffic backers, etc. all going at the same time. This display lasts for about a half hour - enough time to get plenty of videos.

    There were 95 police vehicles at the show this year, including five Special Service Package (SSP) Mustangs. All of the SSP Mustangs were fully marked cars as follows: 1989 Florida car owned by Tom & Donna Gouldy of Lancaster, PA. This car is still under an MCA "driven concourse" restoration. This winter we will install the light bar and all of the interior equipment. While the interior is out of the car, we will replace the headliner, seat covers and carpet. We plan to continue cleaning the undercarriage this winter also, so we've moved the car into the heated garage! The decals are on magnetic material, so they can be removed for driving. 1990 Florida car owned by Steve Karassik of Wapwallopen, PA. Steve uses this car as a daily driver. His car is fully marked with permanent decals, so he uses "OUT OF SERVICE" stickers in the front and rear windows, and the authorities have not bothered him yet. All of the siren, light bar controller, radar and radio equipment are in the car, and they all work. 1992 Florida car owned by Matt Wardrop of Brooklyn, New York. This is a fully marked car with all the goodies inside and is in very good condition. Matt drives this car to all of the shows, but keeps it covered in his garage in Brooklyn when it is "out of service". 1990 Florida car owned by Bryson Shope, Sr. of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. The car is not registered in New Jersey yet, so Bryson trailers this car to the shows so it always stays extra clean. This one has blue strobe lights on the rear deck that flash alternately with strobes in the brake lights. A nice touch that makes this car very visible from the rear. 1985 California car owned by Dan Bent of Selbyville, Delaware. This is a very rare early example of an SSP Mustang from the West coast. The decals are on magnetic material so he can remove them for driving. The interior of this car is in good condition also. Ted bought this car in California and tailored it home, but he drives his car to the shows. Proceeds from the 50 - 50 drawing and merchandise sales go to the Fraternal Order of Police, Chester County Pennsylvania Lodge number 11. The 50 -50 this year was almost $500 to the winner! Merchandise includes attractive FOP jackets and shirts and various other items from the Faulkner dealership. In addition to Faulkner, various sponsors pay for the trophies. Of course Faulkner donates the use of their grounds and facilities, making the evening very comfortable and convenient for all. There is no admission charge for the police vehicles.

    This cruise night is also open to antique, classic, special interest and hot rod vehicles. The police vehicles are parked together in the parking lot at the rear of the facility while the regular cruise night attendees are out in front along the road. There were close to 300 regular cruise night attendees making for a very large crowd.

    The show is always in early September and runs from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and this year we had excellent weather with no threat of rain.

    It would be great to see a larger participation with our SSP Mustangs next year. While this show is usually announced on the EVOOA web site, we will also post the 2003 date on the sspmustang web site as soon as it is announced. Please plan to attend.

Mike adds: Looks like Friday the 13th was only lucky for everyone at this show!

    Here's a sampling of photos from the event.

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Bryson Shope, Egg Harbor Twp. NJ, '90 FHP SSP

d_bent_85_ssp.jpg (633731 bytes)

Dan Bent, Selbyville, DE, '85 CHP SSP

m_wardrop_92_ssp.jpg (663884 bytes)

Matt Wardrop, Brooklyn, NY, '92 FHP SSP

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Steve Karassik, Wapwallopen, PA, '90 FHP SSP

t_gouldy_89_ssp.jpg (630631 bytes)

Tom and Donna Gouldy, Lancaster, PA, '90 FHP SSP

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Nice lineup of SSP's at the Show!