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How to send us a photo, For Sale ad or info about your car:

  • Photo submission guidelines:

     I always give credit for any photos submitted. Please be aware that once I post them, I have no control over who can download them, so you may want to 'watermark' anything you submit if you're concerned about it ending up somewhere else. Please include as much verbiage as you wish about your ride. Content should relevant to this site-  Special Service Mustangs or Police vehicles. Photos should be .JPG format, no larger than 800 x 600 please!

  • For Sale guidelines:

     If you have an SSP or SSP parts for sale, I'll be happy to include up to 6 photos for you, and as much wording as you want, free of charge. Photos should be .JPG format, no larger than 800 x 600 please! Include a description about the car, options etc; listing a price is up to you but it does seem to help. I would recommend an email address, but you also might want to put a phone #. Additionally, since people from everywhere see these ads, it helps to list a general geographic idea where the car is located, i.e. Tampa Bay, FL area. I generally leave the ads posted until I hear otherwise, so please be kind enough to notify me when the car sells. The For Sale ads are for private sellers only please.

  • 'Other info' submission guidelines:

     I'm always on the lookout for any other SSP related info or images. I established this site to act as repository for as much SSP info as I could collect, and I appreciate all information submitted and will always provide credit for any help. It's the effort of many that helps keep The SSP Mustang Page interesting!


     To submit something, please forward an email with details and attachments to :

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