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Dr. Alex Ginzburg has been kind enough to share his collection exclusively with us here at sspmustang.org. Many of these photos have never been seen before, and some are of extremely rare vehicles. Enjoy.

All photos taken by Dr. photos Ginzburg unless otherwise noted

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Alpharetta, GA Very low-visibility gray semi-markings which are very reflective at night. Notice the front grille side-strobes and barely visible "Traffic Enforcement" lettering.  

Alpharetta, GA Another shot, Alpharetta GA, taken in 1996.

There's not a lot of highway in this area except for SR 400, so it's interesting this department would have purchased a Mustang.

Avondale Estates, GA Avondale Estates, GA traffic unit. Another city with limited highway exposure, next to Atlanta. Photo by Rob Heinemann.

Arizona DPS A very rare CHP slicktop used in the Northern Part of the state in the flagstaff division. Darryl Lindsay photo.

CHP CHP Mustang in rare color...a test vehicle used in the 1980's by CHP on commercial enforcement division vehicles. Various colors were tried.  Darryl Lindsay photo.

CHP CHP Mustang with a VERY RARE radar antennae visible. Darryl Lindsay photo.

CHP CHP Mustang at the CHP Academy in Sacramento with the experimental Vector bar and the display/parade door shield, which was originally used in the early 1980's.

CHP CHP Mustang used for commercial enforcement, shot at the Sacramento CHP academy.

Colorado State Patrol CSP Mustang photographed in March of 1994. At that time there were much more Camaros in use by the CSP than the Mustangs. 

Hawaii Not just the 'mainlanders' used SSP's, as this County in Hawaii proves with it's 1985/86 car! Photo by Scott Filis.

Elk Grove, IL Elk Grove, IL unit. Only Mustang used in Northern Illinois!!! Photo by Scott Filis.

Eureka, CA Eureka, CA. I believe this one was also featured in Monty McCord's book "Police Cars". Darryl Lindsay photo.

FHP 1983 FHP Mustang, 1 of 40. Only year to use the CJ 184 Beacon. Scott Filis photo.

FHP FHP Mustang taken in mid 1990's at the Troop C, Pinellas Park station on US 19.  Note the RARE strobe and dash light. Jeff Pasteris Photo.

FHP FHP 'box style' Caprice hides Mustang behind it at maintenance facility. Jay Weinstein photo.

FHP More FHP Caprices with Mustang wedged in between. Notice deck lights on Caprices but not on Mustang. Photo courtesy of Mike Kennedy.

FHP 1989 Mustang sits next to Crown Vic, both have Jetsonic lightbars. PHOTOGRAPHER UNKNOWN-Please contact me if you took it!.

FHP Nice side shot, MPH radar, no deck lights on this 1991-1993 car. Mark Carr photo.

FHP Nice lineup of cars with the Accreditation sticker. Jeff Pasteris Photo.

FHP Rare shot of Vector equipped car. Mark Carr photo.

FHP Earlier FHP Mustang with Vector lightbar. While these were common on the full size FHP vehicles, the Mustang typically received the Jetsonic.

FHP Another nice shot with Vector bar, no radar visible.

GSP Georgia State Patrol Unit #237 with a RARE lightstick on a back of the strobe lightbar. Georgia had a very limited amount of units outfitted like this. This photo was featured in black/white in Monty McCord's "Cars of the State Police and Highway Patrol" book.  Oh, the days of no internet....!  PHOTOGRAPHER UNKNOWN.

GSP Georgia State Patrol, with an older dual radar unit. This vehicle was photographed by Scott Filis while driving through North Georgia in 1993. 

GSP Another view from above. What appears to be an unmarked Mustang sits in background.

GSP Georgia State Patrol.  Taken by Rob Heinemann at one of the very welcoming Georgia tourist information buildings at a rest stop.

GSP Georgia State Patrol. Photo courtesy of Mike Kennedy.

GSP Georgia State Patrol. This rear shot highlights the mount position of the radar readout box. Note Lojack antennas as well.

Photo courtesy of a collector from England who chooses to remain unknown.

GSP Georgia State Patrol. Photo by photos Ginzburg, taken in 1996 during the Olympics. 

You gotta love the dual radar, VHS video camera mounted in front, and of course....the Confederate license plate!

GSP Georgia State Patrol. Photos by photos Ginzburg, taken in 2002. 

This vehicle is the ONLY restored out of service Mustang stationed at the GASP garage in Atlanta. License plates were mounted for the photos only. 

GSP Another shot of above. Note the unusual PAR round strobes.

GSP Nice side view.

GSP Another side view.

GSP Nice wide angle shot.

GSP In the rear, you can see the restored 87 Chevy, and one of the remaining infamous BMW, contributed by the West German company for the Olympic torch delegation.

GSP Another view.

GSP One more look, '87 Caprice and BMW in rear.

Idaho State Police Idaho State Police. '85 or '86 slicktop, this very rare shot was photographed by Scott Filis.

Jefferson County, KY Jefferson County, Kentucky Mustang, unit 990. This department has merged with Louisville PD now. 

An interesting piece of information: Louisville PD used to run a couple of FBI package Buick Grand Nationals for traffic in the late 1980's, through the early 1990's, and then LPD had started using Camaros, beginning with the 1991 unmarkeds.  Jeff. Co. officers prided themselves on having many more 'fast' cars than LPD, and always detailed them to show off for the dignitary/celebrity escorts during the annual Derby.
Scott Filis photo.

Jefferson County, KY Here another view of a Jefferson County SSP, unit 1009, Kustom K band radar mounted on dash.

That door seal has to rank among one of the largest around!
Scott Filis photo.

Jefferson County, KY One more look...where is it today?? Scott Filis photo.

Jefferson County, KY Unit 992, newer car with alloy 10 holes.

Jefferson County, KY Jefferson County, Kentucky. Unit 992, updated graphics, newer Mustang. Beautiful! Scott Filis photo.

Jefferson County, KY Another shot, very nice graphics. Scott Filis photo.

Kansas Highway Patrol Kansas Highway Patrol. Non-SSP car, but cool anyway!

Photographer unknown, but we suspect that this came directly from KHP

Kansas Highway Patrol Kansas Highway Patrol TURNPIKE DIVISION. Thank you for posing! Photographer unknown.

Kansas Highway Patrol Kansas Highway Patrol TURNPIKE DIVISION. Very nice Red color, and check out the front red under bumper strobes! Darryl Lindsay photo.

Kansas Highway Patrol KY State Police Unit #542. Nice front shot. All KSP cars were slicktops, trademark painted blue lights where were the directional bulbs go. Also nice shot of radar on dash.

Kansas Highway Patrol Rear shot of #542. Round blue lights are another trademark for KSP cars.

Louisiana State Police Rare 1993 Louisiana State Police car, with blue lights aplenty.

Louisiana State Police Another nice side view, Caprice sits next to it.

These are a very colorful and attractive SSP scheme, and I don't know of any restored ones.

Louisiana State Police Nice front view with revolving blue dash light and 'Blue Max' front plate.

Louisiana State Police And now the opposite..earlier 1989 LSP Mustang in black! .

Louisiana State Police Nice rear shot of the '89. Unlike it's newer brethren, this car has minimal lighting. Whelen Dashmaster mounted from the rear headliner in an unusual position.

Louisiana State Police This '89 appears to have a Bee radar setup, widely used in Texas as well. Blue 'pancake' light also visible.

Massachusetts State Police Mass. State Police, used in Troop F, Mass. Turnpike.

Not an SSP, but a neat car.

Minnesota State Police Very rare cars. MN ran decals on the passenger side only!

They used various colors, and all were slicktop cars.

Michigan State Police Next to a row of early Caprices with the trademark illuminated 'STOP' sign.

All MI Mustangs were slicktop cars, unlike the 'bubble' equipped cars next to it.

Michigan State Police Nice rear view.  

Michigan State Police Unit 4006. Nice in service photos with the distinctive darker bumpers and trim. Notice also K-Band antenna unit clearly visible.

Michigan State Police Nice side view.

Michigan State Police Slightly different side view.

Michigan State Police Slightly different rear view.

Missouri Highway Patrol Nice shot of unit #642 with Code 3 lightbar. MHP ran a variety of blue colors for their cars, and 5 speed gearboxes were standard.

Missouri Highway Patrol

Here's another MHP car, slightly lighter shade, same lightbar and decals.

Missouri Highway Patrol

Older unit in white with black wheels, Code 3, and red interior! MOHP ran some of the most attractive colors for combinations of any agency.

Missouri Highway Patrol

Unit 666, restored. Also with a red interior, which makes for a very unusual color combination.

NCHP Very nice picture of a NCHP slicktop, surrounded by bevy of dark/light unmarked HP and DMV units (before the merger) used by North Carolina Highway Patrol.

Always striking in their graphics, NC ran unmarked units, marked units with lightbars, and slicktops. This particular unit sports a small blue light on the dash.

NCHP Dual rear blue decks, dual antennas of the clip style. This was a common item for NC units back to the 1980's.

Nevada Highway Patrol 1993 Mustang with Jetsonic, MPH radar and -- chrome pushers with Pony wheels??

Yes, Nevada did not always stick to tradition! MPH radar clearly visible.

Nevada Highway Patrol Nice shot of two SSP's, notice chrome pushers and Federal Signal 22 lightbar. Each radar unit has a towel to protect it from the sun; low tech!

MPH radar on left, what appears to a Bee K band unit on right. Nice shot of NHP truck in back with full size all red lightbar.

Nevada Highway Patrol Very rare BW shot of SSP with roof mounted radar antenna next to the trademark Federal Signal 22. Notice also the low number plate, 045. Each Trooper had their own plates with their assigned number.

Back in those days the last three numbers were the troops call sign and the first number (not shown on plate) was the rank or classification.
Info c/o Charles Thurman.  

Nevada Highway Patrol More on the plate-the numbers were based on day of hire ranking which meant if you saw a low number plate like below, it was a safe bet that it was an old timer and of rank.

Again ID number 029 with a rank of Lt. or above. These numbers would be shuffled and reassigned every once and awhile due to gaps from retiring staff and new hires.

One trooper I know started as 280 out of the academy and then was changed to 160 after one of these reassignments of numbers.
Info c/o Charles Thurman.  

Nevada Highway Patrol Here's an '86 with the model 22 was used on all NHP cars and SUV's from around 1980 until 1990. However during a majority of this time period the "Motor Transport" aka truck cops drove brown vehicles and had full length Aerodynic bars, however were part of DMV not NHP. In 1991 NHP switched from the model 22 to Jetsonics on the new cars.

In 1994 they switched to Jetstreams and relocated the speaker to the behind the grills. In 1986 Whelen tried to get the contract and gave NHP several Mini Edge bars for evaluation. In northern command (Reno) there was one 1986 Dodge Diplomat and one 1986 SSP with these. As always there are some variations to this but this was the overall program. 
Info c/o Charles Thurman.  

Nevada Highway Patrol More on the 22 - One thing to remember is that there was and still is three different install facilities in the state and each had "their way" of doing things. Additionally all NHP cars are assigned to one trooper and that can determine what equipment he may have.

Most important to us here however is that the SSP cars from 91-93 had Jetsonics with the speaker on the roof and all previous year SSP cars had the model 22 bars; and none had arrowsticks on the rear deck or on the bar.
Info c/o Charles Thurman.  

Nevada Highway Patrol Nice side view of an SSP with black wheels used 1987 to mid 1990.

Note Diplomats in background also equipped with the FS 22. 

Nevada Highway Patrol Another 85/86 with the FS 22 and K band radar antenna mounted, curiously enough, behind the 3rd brake light. Not sure if that was a stealth move or just bad placement! Qtr whip and high gain antennas.

Nevada Highway Patrol Similar setup as above photo, except Kustom antenna relocated bit farther over.

Body colored wheels make these very attractive vehicles!

Nevada Highway Patrol Once again, the unconventional thanks to NHP. Full size wheel covers, high mounted A-Pillar  5" spotlights, and Mini-edge lightbar-no two of these cars seem alike!  

Nevada Highway Patrol Here's a rear shot, notice lack of radar on rear deck. Roof numbers visible, oddly enough the Diplomat does not have them.

Nevada Highway Patrol Photo taken towards dusk, good shot of FS lights in action. Chrome pushers accentuate the lines of the front end, very nice.

More typical black colored steel Police wheels; one or two other states would paint the wheels body color, including Ky.

Nevada Highway Patrol From the rear. Kustom radar slightly off center.

Nevada Highway Patrol 1993 equipped with MPH radar and Jetsonic. Dual spots turned backwards perhaps help MPG? Not sure, but looks sharp. Chrome pushers again, which held up better in the dry desert than other climes!.

Nevada Highway Patrol Nice 4 eyed SSP with FS22 lightbar, pushers, dual K band antennas, dual spots and what appear to be black wheels.

Nevada Highway Patrol Another 4 eyed, but no centercaps! Perhaps a promo photo?.

Nevada Highway Patrol Another shot of what appears to be the same vehicle, however the spotlights are of differing heights. Black body side moldings stand out.

Nevada Highway Patrol Neat shot backed in with chrome center caps and pushers, K band radar.

Nevada Highway Patrol Jetsonic equipped SSP next to newer Caprice. Front and rear radar antennas, also front plate missing.

Nevada Highway Patrol Here's a nice shot with the mountains in the background.

Nevada Highway Patrol SSP sits next to what appears out of service Caprice. Note row of Jetsonic equipped Caprices in the background.

Nevada Highway Patrol Here's another shot of these non stock wheels. Different plate and red spot vs. what is on above vehicle.

Nevada Highway Patrol Once again, a departure from the typical wheels and tires for the NHP Mustang! Photo dates to 1995, perhaps testing was still occurring on these?

Nevada Highway Patrol Another shot with the definitely 'non SSP' wheels. Interesting location for the rear radar antenna as well.

Nevada Highway Patrol And yet more non-stock wheels! Outside of SC, these are the only agencies that seem to have a penchant for the unusual, wheel wise.

Great looking car.

Nevada Highway Patrol Nice side shot of above. Notice the additional antennas and power cord wiring to the lightbar sitting right on the roof..

Nevada Highway Patrol And yet another! This car looks very similar to one above unless you look closely.

Nevada Highway Patrol One more of the 'wheel' game, blue body colored painted rims on both SSP's with the FS 22 lightbar. Very nice!

NY State Police 1988 SSP in NYSP trim. Red Pinstriping makes it a sharp looking car.

NY State Police 1991 NYSP sits in a maintenance facility ready for action.
NY State Police Another 1988, although the plate is similar to the one two above, it's missing the lower fender Thruwau decal .

Oklahoma Highway Patrol One of 20 used for 1985 only, thanks to issues with the automatic transmissions. The hubcaps were actually an earlier design.

Interesting photo showing 1985 Oklahoma HP car with Jetstream and earlier style Pinto-spec hubcaps OHP used automatics in their Mustangs.

Nice shot of a Crown Vic slicktop in background
Oregon State Police Another unusual looking SSP, this one from Oregon, with it's McDermott lightbar. NY also used this on their vehicles.

This photo was taken in early 1989 so the vehicle was still inservice at that point.

RCMP The RCMP used more of these than one might expect, given the climate. This paint scheme and the all white with stripes were both seen.

Notice the K-band radar.

SCHP SC had a fairly large deployment of Mustangs. It's paint scheme and front bumper treatment were very unique.

SCHP Another SCHP Mustang, but without the two tone front bumper.

Unlike the later B4C Camaros used by the state, the Mustangs were equipped with a five speed gearbox.

Texas DPS Texas DPS slicktop. A large purchaser of Mustangs, this state used a variety of equipment, including automatic/manual gearboxes, lightbars/slicktops and a mix of radar, lighting and other equipment.

Utah Highway Patrol UHP unit #436 in a clean, white scheme, adorned only with decals and low profile ightbar.

Notice the Taurus and Dodge Ram in the background, quite a mix of vehicles used by this agency.

Utah Highway Patrol '85 or '86 UHP slicktop.  Notice the dual spotlight setup and two decklights positioned behind driver. Each state did it differently!

Utah Highway Patrol Another early SSP, slicktop, with a red driver's spotlight, same rear decklights as above.

Utah Highway Patrol Another slicktop, with even more minimal graphics.

Utah Highway Patrol Slightly different side view. The 'four eyed' SSP's are certainly less plentiful than their '87-'93 brethren.

Where is this car now?

Utah Highway Patrol UHP unit #313 with lightbar...

Utah Highway Patrol And unit #404 without. Same dual spotlights but that clean, low profile look would likely make spotting this too late.

Interestingly enough, the location appears identical for both images, whereever it is.

Wisconsin State Patrol Wisconsin State Patrol slicktop in striking blue color. Another state where these saw limited wintertime use.

Notice the large decal placed over the side body molding.

Wisconsin State Patrol An earlier WI SSP, as evidenced by the black wheels.

Notice the decal is actually split over the door on this, as well as different dfender stripes.

Wisconsin State Patrol Black 10 hole wheels and bold stripes make for an aattractive scheme.

Wisconsin State Patrol K-Band radar and 'Texas style' red/blue lights on front clearly visible on this Wisconsin car.

Wisconsin State Patrol Although this appears to be the same car, the front plate indicates a different unit #.

Wisconsin State Patrol Another side view. Although the vehicles appears black, it is actually dark blue.

Wisconsin State Patrol This four-eyed SSP used by Wisconsin has to be one of the rarest of all. The full size hubcaps look odd, to say the least.

One of two used by the state, where is it now?

Wisconsin State Patrol Rear view of the 1983 car with fullsize hubcaps, now sporting the deck lights from the front perhaps?

The unit numbers is also listed at #242.

Wisconsin State Patrol Front shot of the above Mustang. Apparently the winter wasn't going to slow it down from usage.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Another rare bird, this Wyoming HP Mustang has a small '129' on the front of the hood. Not much is known about these cars and the amount used.

It bears a striking resemblance to other states using the Jetsonic lightbar, although the simple decal and paint scheme looks quite clean.