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Wiring diagram for CHP/Vector lightbars Documents/CHP_wiring.pdf
CHP Federal Signal CC1 wiring diagram Documents/FS_CC1_wiring.pdf
Federal Signal Jetsonic wiring diagram Documents/FS_Jetsonic_wiring.pdf
Federal Signal MPA1/2 wiring diagram Documents/FS_MPA_1_MPA_2_wiring.pdf
Federal Signal PA-300 wiring diagram Documents/FS_PA300_wiring.pdf
Federal Signal SPS2 strobe box wiring diagram Documents/FS_SPS2_Strobe_box_wiring.pdf
CHP 1984/85/86 SSP parts listing. Excellent source of parts numbers for the early four eyed cars. Documents/CHP_SSP_1984_1985_1986_Parts_List.pdf
CHP memo on parts numbers for 1985/86 SSP Mustang for the factory hubcaps. This was to correct an issue with the hubcaps coming loose. Documents/CHP_SSP_1985_1986_Hubcap_Retention_Service_Part_Numbers.pdf
1985 CHP memo on oil temperature in SSP 5.0 operation, indicating 262 degrees. Documents/CHP_SSP_1985_Oil_Temp_Letter.pdf
CHP memo documenting steering lockup issue related to exhaust manifold malfunction on 1985 cars. Documents/CHP_SSP_1985_Steering_Lockup_Issue.pdf