Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Special Service Mustang Owner's Association. This organization is open to anyone interested in Special Service Mustangs, whether you own one or are just interested in them. Please review the questions below, and please feel free to contact us for more information.

Q: What is the SSMOA?

A: The purpose of the SSMOA is as follows:

  • To promote and enhance knowledge and collectability of Special Service Package Mustangs

  • To foster a camaraderie among Special Service Package owners

  • To attend events and display Special Service Package Mustangs with other owners

  • To act as a centralized source for information on Special Service Package Mustangs

     We regularly attend major car show and display our cars around the country with other SSMOA members. Many of us are very active in the restoration end of the hobby and would be happy to assist those looking for information on restoring their vehicles from a specific agency.

Q: What is the cost to join?

A: There is a $20 one time fee for joining. This provides the following benefits:

  • 'Member only' forums on the SSPMUSTANG.ORG Message Forums area

  • A Members Gallery for your SSP Mustang on the website

  • Custom SSP commemorative coin

  • SSMOA window sticker

  • SSMOA pens

  • SSMOA stickypads

  • Member discounts at fine vendors like 5.0 Resto, Dallas Mustang, Fox Mustang Restoration!

You do not need to own an SSP to join.


Q: How do I join?

A: There are two ways.

     1) Either fill out the membership form www.sspmustang.org/ssmoa/ssmoa_application.pdf and mail it to us. The address is listed on the form.

     2) Use PayPal; send your membership fee to mariley@smbuseng.com


     Please note, the $20 membership is good for all SSP vehicles that you own; so whether you have one or ten, it's the same price! Any questions, please email me, thanks!

     Mike Riley,